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Recovery Quesion

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Bay Area Guy
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I'm a week out now from my surgery and things seem to be going fine.  I do have a couple of questions, however, related to two things that I have observed.  Just want to see if it's normal or if I should be pulling out the hair I no longer have.

1.  Over the course of the week, on three separate occasions, I had a tiny, tiny speck of blood in my urine.  Other than that, my urine has beena nice straw color since I make sure I drink enough.  It's bright red.  When I was discharged, the nurse said some blood might pass.  At first she said that I should only worry if my urine was the color of rose wine, but she modified that and said it needed to be a deeper color to worry, so I asked more on the level of a cabernet, and she said yes.  So should a small fleck three times in a week be of concern?

2.  Every once in a while, my stomach doesn't feel quite right.  It's not quite to the level of nausea, but just a little bit of discomfort.  Given my past abdominal problems, I get a little sensitive when things a little amiss there.  Bowel movements have been regular, both in timing and consistency.  I'm guessing it's just a case of my body trying to readjust to the new situation.

Ay reason for me to worry on either of these?

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Although I didn't have any blood in my urine, I have heard that it's not all that unusual.  Depending on where the growth was located, etc.  If the worry is relentless I would suggest putting a call in to your doctor, just to ease your mind.  As far as your stomach issues, personally I was pretty nauseated for a while after surgery, but then I tend to be predisposed to feeling nauseated fairly regularly.  I had a really difficult time eating more than a couple of bites at a time for the first couple of weeks.  I did lose some weight because of that, and unfortunately I've gained it back.  It's important to remember that your surgery was very invasive, even with a robotic partial.  They rearrange everything in there to get the beast out, not unusual for those organs to then rebel a bit while they try to get back to where they like it best.  Recovery is fun, isn't it?

God bless,


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Bay Area Guy
Posts: 451
Joined: Jun 2016

The blood int he urine isn't bothering me at all.  I just wanted to be sure.  As for the stomach, like I said, I've had more issues in my guy in my time on this planet than I care to remember, so I do get a bit of a case of hypochondia when something out of the ordinary is going on.  Thanks for the answer!

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I too had a little blood for a couple of days post-op, but it was red tinged colored and like yours I had very tiny clots, but that all went away about day 3 or 4.


I had very little appetite after surgery and like Donna I too lost weight.  I lost a total of 12 pounds over about a 3 week period post-op.  I just did have much of an appetite, plus there is a lot of healing going on too and that burns a ton of calories...  I think that that is normal after any major surgery.  

It took about 4 months before my abdominal muscles weren't sore.  It was like to soreness you would feel the next day after doing a lot of crunches/sit-ups.  It was about 4 months before I could start doing crunches, push-ups , or pull-ups again.  You just don't realize how much you use those core muscles until they are sore


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Your body has just been big time insulted. Tell yourself out loud what you just went through. Pretty impressive. Give it more time.

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Bay Area Guy
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Joined: Jun 2016

Medic and fox, thanks for the replies.  I just needed to be sure.  Truth be told, i'm damn proud of myself for not going nuts from the time I was originally diagnosed (12/2013) to the surgery (6/22/2016).

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