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Metformin Treatment

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Good morning

Some weeks ago Takingcontrol58 posted an interesting thread on metformin

I asked our onc and she said this could be an option at least to control or reduce mets, so 2 days ago we started our journey through metformin.

We are in a low dose of 425+425 and we are controlling or glucose levels, no side effects appart from sligth diarrea on the first day


I previosuly I started my search for medical publications andmetformin seems promisings


I advice you to search on google for the following med publications (tehre are many others)


A Potential Therapeutic Agent for Recurrent Colon Cancer

K‑ras gene mutation as a predictor of cancer cell responsiveness to metformin

Survival Benefits of Metformin for Colorectal Cancer Patients with Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


Your will see that in vitro or mouse test dossage is extremely high for humans, but it is a medical fact that something works (not in all the cases, not in all the tumors, many questions opened).


Anyhow follwing the advice of our onc we are starting our journey. It could be promising and to be honest compared to chemo side effects are like having  a sweet.

I wanted to share this with te forum as it could be an option or at least open a search for everyone getting their own conclusion

I would publically like to thank Takingcontrol58 for her thread How my liver mets went away on their own that opened a new option for my mom

All the best


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