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Chemo 6 complete!

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i had my sixth and possibly final chemo at least for awhile. It went smoothly and as usual I had one or two friends to keep me company. It makes the time go so much quicker. On the down side I am having a Doppler on my legs today to insure that I am not having a blood clot. My left leg feels a little different and since I had a pulmonary embolism 9 years ago it's better safe than sorry. My ct scan in June 28 with my dr appointment on July 11. We are going on vacation the last two weeks of July so I'm having all of this a little earlier than the 6 week usual plan. Since I have clear cell we are cautiously optimistic. They actually have a possible chemo set for the same day in case it's determined that I need more. I'm not a pessimist, but I am a realist and know that I could be a person who will need long term treatment if not immediately, but in the near future. They don't do bell ringing at my cancer facility, but I do feel better that I will at least have a bit at a rest before anymore possible chemo. Celebrating with friends tonight!

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How great to hear you have finished.  I know I am cautiously optimistic about my chances that chemo will not be needed again.  Hopefully you will get stronger fast, no clots either, so you can have a good summer.  Hugs Nancy

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Getting through six chemos is certainly reason to celebrate!!  I'm glad you made it and hope you have a long, healthy life.



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Congrats, Soup! I believe firmly that this IS your last chemo and that it did its job. Have a wonderful celebration with your friends tonight, enjoy planning for your July vacation!! Kim

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Congratulations.  Hopefully this is the last you have to do but it is time to celebrate.  I had to have 6 and while I really thought I would never be through it did go by faster than I thought.  It was May to Aug.  Enjoy, Celebrate then rest for a few days.  trish

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Hi Soup 52:

  Congrats on your completing your 6 rounds of chemo. Enjoy and celebrate.  I also had to have 6 chemo treatments mine were from April to August of 2011.


a/k/a Jane

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Hey, Soup, so great that you are done.  Enjoy the end of chemo and celebrate!!!!


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Congratulations, Soup. Hoping and praying that was your final treatment. How exciting! This is such a wonderful group. Keep us posted on how things play out. I will be starting my first one next week. Enjoy your celebration - well deserved.

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Fabulous milestone. Here's hoping thats the last we see you in that chemo chair!!  I'm on #7 out of 18. If all goes well I hope to ring that bell on August 18.  Then on to radiation. 

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So far so good as I got the call today that I have no blood clot! Yea, I never want one of those again:)

Anonymous user (not verified)

This week is the best for you!  Hugs Nancy

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Congradulations Soup.  I start my treatments next tuesday and look forword to finishing mine.  Since I hade cancer 20 years ago I do know what it feels like to finish.  I did do chemo back then but for some reason the day I remember the most is the day I finished my first round of radiation because it was my birthday too.  Even though I didnt feel good, it was a great day.  I hope you enjoy this time and I do hope you get to be done with the chemo for good

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Celebrate!  You made it!!!  Congrats.

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