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I am scheduled for a CT scan on Monday.  I have been on Metformin for 2 months now.  I am still getting chemo.  I have #9 coming up next week.  The nodules in my lung started shrinking siqnificantly with the addition of Metformin.  Please pray for good news on my upcoming scan.  

I am also worried that Moli has not posted.  I am praying that she is okay and just resting from the surgery.

Thank you ladies for all your advice and help as I battle stage 4 cancer.  I will be praying for all of you!


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I hope the scan shows the tumors are going, going, gone.  I'll be thinking about you on Monday.  Hugs Nancy

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(((Joyce))) I'm hoping for wonderful results on your scan.  Hopefully the Metformin will continue to work.  Please let us know how things go!!!

I'm worried about Moli too.  



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for your scan.  Metformin is working well for others, and I hope it continues to work for you.  You'll be in my thoughts Monday.

Peace and strength,


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Hoping for a good scan Joyce :)

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Good luck to you, Joyce! Praying that the treatments continue working and your scan results are clear. Kim

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I hope and pray that the scan can't find a darn thing on Monday!

Here's to continued success Joyce.

Love and Hugs,


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Joyce I'm so happy that the Metfirmin is working for you! Hoping your Brett scan shows continued improvement- maybe even gone. Good Luck

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I hope all continues to improve for you, Joyce, and that the Cat scan will reflect improvement. I don't know much about uterine cancer being treated with Metformin. Can you share more about it? Do you have to have Diabetes to be able to receive this drug? 

Warm Wishes,



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Yes, I was considered prediabetic and was on a low dose of Metformin prior to the recurrence.  I was taken off Metformin when I started my chemo because I had so much diarrhea caused from the Metformin.  I wish I had talked them into increasing my Metformin back in November.  Well, it appears to be working now and I am tolerating 1500 mgs. a day.  Clinical studies at MD Anderson and Sloan Kettering are both using Metformin with chemo for uterine and ovarian cancer. 


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Here's hoping metformin will be a miracle for you like it was for me.


You don't have to be a diabetic to receive this drug. I was insulin resistant.  It has more anti-cancer properties than
anti-diabetes properties. It has been proven to be a "potent inhibitor of endometrial cancer cell proliferation."
It is like a targeted drug for cancer- stops angiogenesis (formation of blood vessels that feed tumors), kills cancer
stem cells (what causes cancer to return), restores expression of tumor suppressor gene p53( usually missing or mutated
in most cancers), lowers insulin growth factor levels (key growth factor for cancer.) plus many more things. They are
trying to develop drugs that do what metformin already does.  It is now being tested as an anti-aging
drug because they believe it may delay you from getting cancer, heart disease and alzheimers until later in life. It is like a
miracle drug from nature- made from the French lilac.


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I read this article the other day and found it very informative:  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/15/magazine/warburg-effect-an-old-idea-revived-starve-cancer-to-death.html?_r=0  It is about a German scientist, Otto Warburg, who first theorized that "starving" cancer cells would ultimately kill them. Great article!

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This article was very interesting.  Thank you for posting this.


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when you are in the machine, the grasp you feel in your hand will be mine.  Good luck.

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Thanks for all the support.  I appreciate you ladies so much and pray for all of you.  This is such a journey.

Love you all!


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