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Janderson1964 update

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Better late than never. I just finished making the biggest decision and change of my life. As of last Friday I am retired. I now have the same BCBS I had through group insurance but now I am getting it through the Affordable care act. We still have the tailor shop for income and I am in the process of obtaining disability through social security. It feels great not to have the burden and stress of work but it was sad leaving there after 22 years. It's the best thing for me. My wife and boss are both 100% behind the change. In fact my wife had been pushing me to retire or at least change to part time for years.

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Hi Jeff. Hope you enjoy retirement.  That awesome!  

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I think you will not regret this move. It is time to give to yourself 100%.

22 years is a very long time to work at the same job; few do that nowadays. 

May you and your wife enjoy many years together with lots of flowers when things get you down. 


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Congratulations! I hope you have a stellar retirement! My husband retires in a few months. He's lucky to retire at 55 but he's put in 38 at the same company and it's been very difficult and I'll be glad he won't have to work the hours and times he does.


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Even though a job or a career can be very rewarding in someone's life, but nothing tops the rewards when a person can pay 100% attention to himself especially during hard times. I love my profession but many times I feel that life is too short to spend so much time in the office dealing with other people's problems. I need to pay attention more to myself, my needs and my dreams. So as of next month I'll cut back to 3-4 day per week too. 

Retirement can be hard on a man. Many time we lose the sense of purpose. Be patient! This will take months to adjust and many times you will doubt whether you made the right decision. But you undoubtedly did my friend. Enjoy!!!


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Time to sleep in!!  Enjoy!

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Wishing you time to wash, Polish, and buff the Harley and then to ride that shiny machine on beautiful days. Hyou Wishing you time to catch a whopper fish and enjoy a nice cook out. Wishing you time to hug and love all those special souls in your life. Wishing you time to smell the roses. And time to do all the things you love to do. In spite of any challenges or obstacles. Truly wishing you the best. Sincerely. 

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I too retired after 22 years with my employer. This comming June 30, it will be 19yrs ago.  Being able to do whatever you want every day is a real pleasure.  If I didn't go to chuch on Sundays, I wouldn't know what day of the week it is!!  Enjoy your new lifestyle!!!

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Hey, one less thing to have to deal with is good, Jeff. I'm not there quite yet, in fact, works been the stabilizing thing for me, especially this past year. I figure to go at least a few more years, to make sure my 21yo is ready and able to do everything, then turn the biz over, get ssdi, and just help him run things. I hope this translates to you doing the things you've wanted like taking more trips and the like. Change is the rule in this life, but this sounds like a good one for you. Me, I'm putting my stash money away for the down on another Harley. Been saving since I sold the last one, seven years ago, to pay bills and get my wife her english bulldog, which she named Harley, of course. Anyway, enjoy your leisure time...................................Dave

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  Congratulations on retirement. I really do hope that you are well enough to get some enjoyment out of it. I went on the age pension over twelve months ago when I turned 65. Unfortunately the people I worked for begged me to stay on and keep working. Stupidly I agreed and I have had constant illness to go with still working. I get some more test results this week and I will see if I have left my run too late. I hope not but that is life. Good luck mate , God knows you deserve it. Ron.

Cathleen Mary
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Joined: May 2011

Congrats, Jeff!!!  You will never regret taking time for what is important in life. Enjoy!


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Joined: Jan 2013

How are you doing? 


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Joined: Aug 2013

Happy retirement! Enjoy life!


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Joined: Apr 2012

Having retired 19 yeaars ago,I  recommend it to all that can afford it.  Every day is Saturday!!!LOL

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Enjoy your time and take care of you!  Seriously, I hope you and your family can take time to enjoy the things you like to do without the stress of work.  Traci

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