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Here's a very complete guide for kidney cancer patients wh wants to start exercising from Kidney Cancer Canada. http://www.kidneycancercanada.ca/media/995743/kidney-cancer-guidebook_final-online_compressed.pdf


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Great link, Dave. Thank you; I saved it.

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Thanks for sharing

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Thank You for sharing , i need to exercise .

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Although I haven't read it all, it looks like something I need to get active with.

Thank you!


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If you know someone who does a LOT of exersize, but you dont do any yourself, can you get a sort of contact fit?

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I wish!

You're so funny.....thank you for my morning laugh.  LaughingKiss

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Total Body Kettlebell Workout Routine


When I am pressed of time I follow this workout routine. It’s short (about 20 minutes), easy to follow, along with being an intense workout that involves cardio and works all the major muscle groups. - BDS




    “Your most important investment is not your house, your car or your financial investments. Your most important investment is you” - Jack LaLanne


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Great video. Unfortunately after I tore the mensicus in my knee five years ago I can no longer do squats and lunges, especially not with weights. Not unless I want to be back on crutches again, lol. But definitely a good workout for anyone with sound knees.

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The Wife and I have always had dogs.  German shepherds golden retrievers and great pyrenees.  Every now and then a mutt of some kind.  Living in the woods the larger dog could cope with the neighbors their dogs and the wildlife all mostly on their own. 

After a period of doglessness The Wife wandered off and came home from the pound with a dachshund mix.   A 22 pound won't back down  assertive little guy with almost no common sense.  I often refer to him as Jr.  Long story short he needs to be walked.  And I am the guy doing the walking mostly.   It is an easy chore most days.  However the appearance of a moose or snowplow can add  a certain element of cardio .    I am pleased to have a dog I can pick up and tuck in like a football before the cardio begins. 

Over time I can walk him further. And at a faster pace than in the beginning.   I look forward to our walks.  Although I do have to admit.  He is walking me.



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