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As some of you know East Texas and West Louisiana have been slammed by the flooding.  I thought my house might be in the clear this time, but I can't take the chance on staying here with my 90 year old mother.  We had three feet in the house last time.  So, I will be bugging out tomorrow with her.  My house is inbetween the two rivers that are having record flooding, the Neches and the Sabine.  My 83 year old uncle was taken out last night to saftey and is expecting 7 foot in his house by tuesday night.  If I am off for a while, I'm not at the cemetery yet! LOL!  Don't know where we are going or what we will be coming back to...if anything.  YOu girls take care of each other and Moli, I will be blowing kisses to Heaven for your surgery to go well!  Love you all, Debra(Jo)

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Oh I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding. My daughter has said many people have called into work because of flooding though where she lives and her route to work are fine. I will be thinking of you, praying for your safety.

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The pictures on tv out of Mississippi have been heartbreaking.  I'm glad you aren't taking any chances on your safety and hope with all my heart your home will be ok.  You know you will be on my mind constantly.

i also wish the very best for Moli tomorrow.

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Debra Jo - I hope you find some high ground that is comfortable for you!

And, that you are able to come back home to a solid house....

All - I believe Moli posted that her surgery will be rescheduled due to her desire to have the cosmetic surgery along with the tumor removal. So, I think it is not happening tomorrow....

Love and Hugs,


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I hope this is just a temporary move and when you come back your house is safe and sound!!  We have a creek running through the back part of our property and a pond and both are overflowing.  Luckily our house is built on a knoll which is high enough to keep our basement from flooding (we always hope!!).  There has been a lot of crazy weather around the United States - we had a green Christmas all the way north in Green Bay and now flowers are blooming BEFORE St. Patrick's Day - but lots of destructive weather too.

Take care, DebraJo!!!



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Hope everything will be ok when you return but very wise move to go in the name of safety.

Thanks dear, I think I will be fine but grateful I will have you all bracing me comes whatever,

Moli.  You will stay in my thoughts in your absence. Nuff Love.

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Lou Ann M
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As I was watching the news and seeing all the flooding pictures. I have been thinking about you and the rest of the people who live in these threatened areas.  Hoping and praying for your,safe return home.  Lou Ann

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