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Pelvic Exenteration

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Hello all,

I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer ins 2008 at the age of 45.  I had no symptoms until one day when I started experiecing rectal bleeding.  I had a colon resection and went through chemo.  Exactly two years later they found that it had metastized to my ovaries.  I went in for another surgery and more chemo. Less than a year later my GYN oncologist discovered a very small lesion on the top of my female organ.  It was also diagnosed as cancer. Because it was so close to my bladder and I was so young doctors tried to save my bladder, but after yet another surgery my GYN discovered the lesion was still there.  I had yet another life changing surgery called a pelvic extenterion where everything is completely removed.  I guess i've been so busy with treatments, appointments, work and just plain trying to survive that I never gave it a second thought and in order to survive had this very invasive surgery.  I now have a urostomy bag and I am not able to have intimacy.  Its absolutely insane how our society revolves around sex.  From tv shows to commercials.  I am now 53 and looking at life so differently.  I am definitely grateful that God has carried me through this, but somehow i feel like this has all caught up to me on an emotional level.  I've been very depressed, constant crying and feelings of worthlessness.  When I think about it sometimes I feel like its shallow, but I cant get over this sense of loss.  Is anyone other there familiar with this or know anyone who is going through something similiar?

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My heart goes out to you!  I think a lot of women who have had hysterectomies, breasts removal and other invasive surgeries have felt the sadness you feel.  So much of our self-worth is tied to how we feel about our bodies.  Even the loss of hair can be devastating for some women.  I mostly post on the uterine cancer board which is a pretty active board so if nobody else answers here, please come and see us over there.  We ALL understand those feelings but it does seem to help when you share them with others who have been there.  We care!!!



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rorobinson, my heart breaks for you.  This thing called "suvivorship" seems even tougher than the cancer fight itself.  

Can I ask, do you work? I ask in case you have they EAP you can use.  You mention how God has carried you through this, and I agree that I couldn't be where I am at without Him, so maybe there is a pastor you can talk with to help you as well. 

In the meantime, please know that there are women here who will read this and stop to say a prayer for you.  I don't think people have a CLUE. 

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rorobinson, I know exactly what you are going through. I had a posterior pelvic exenteration 4 yrs ago. I did get to keep my bladder, but I have a permanent colostomy. I am grateful I am still alive and no cancer in site, but having the bag does mess with your self confidence. I will be 57 this year, though I don't feel that old!! I'm with you on the tv commercials, it's all sex! Please pm me if you have any questions or need to talk.



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