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Update.... On hey

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I thank everyone for their comments. I called my doctor yesterday and as for the nausea meds he is thinking about using the zofran to a higher dose.  He is concerned with dehydration. I am but I have been drinking. I was able to get a small milkshake down and a small bowl of Mac and cheese. I have no idea why these things are what my body is allowing but I will take it.  I am coming up on my 5th chemo batch. When we get to 6 where I am supposed to stop the Dr may do a 7th one because on the first round I had an allergic reaction to the taxal chemo. And since I can't take bendryl I was a small basket case. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that I can start getting food down and keeping it down.  My next venture is potatoes and watermelon and see how the tummy deals with that... Thanks again for all of your advice... Jen 

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Lou Ann M
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I also had good luck with watermelon.  It is an excellent  way to get hydration.  Glad to hear that you are able to keep a little down.  Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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Baked Potatos and watermelon were my go to foods as well.

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