high grade neuroendocrine carcinoma of the stomach

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Feb 18, 2016 - 4:16 pm

My 33 old husband has been diagnosed with NEC in stomach with mets to liver. As per the biopsy, ki67 index of stomach is less than 10% while the index for the liver is up to 40% (high grade). He cannot have a surgery because it's too invasive.


The oncologist said its not curable and the goal of the treatment is to control the disease and prolong life. We took a second opinion from Dana Farber and they agree with our oncologist's treatment plan. He is currently on chemotherapy (CAPTEM) which he is tolerating well. 


He was hospitalized for jaundice and the scans revealed tumors. Stent was placed (twice since the first ERCP was a failure) and the acute pancreatitis was so severe that he had to be in hospital for 3 weeks. He lost 20 lbs ( is 127 lbs now) and is slowly getting back to his normal routine. 


He was in his best of health before the diagnosis. Do we have anyone cured of this disease? Why is ki67 different in his stomach and liver? Has anyone had it in stomach and just chemo to take care of it? 


Any one to answer my questions? Or to make me feel better? It's so hard to get this diagnosis and harder with a newborn to take care of.