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Is there a way to receive an e-mail when a reply to certain posts is made

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I am a member of another forum and I can opt to receive an e-mail when

replies are posted to threads that interest me.  Is that possible on htis forum?  I have searched but haven't found a way.


Thanks in advance



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CSN's forum software is very primitive and doesn't allow for email notifications for postings to subscribed threads as fas as I know. 

Max Former Hodg...
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I am unaware of a manner to do this either, and agree that in an IT sense, this site is primitive, and extremely slow also.

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I also would like this forum to have such a facility of "ringing" us a "bell" when someone posts in a particular thread. Its search-engine is also "antiquated" or inexistent. I feel it annoying when looking for threads posted by a particular member. Google has been my savior but that is also limited if I cannot recall the whole sentence or title of the thread.

In another aspect, this forum is great because it allows participants to post freely any link or expression without restrictions. It has a good flagging system to eliminate unwanted posters, respects privacy and it is free of charge.


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