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Snow & how weak I must be!

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I stayed home from work today because I didn't want to be out on the roads in our snow (blizzard) conditions.  Sooo, being bored and the snow/wind last let up, I decided to showel snow.  I have always done this so even though the snow is really wet I thought, no problem.  eah, right.  I'm pooped after just about 5 minutes, poured me a glass of red wine (really, I've read the red wine fights cancer) and now am resting.  Although I can call the guy that farms my land, I'm stubbord and have never asked for help.  I guess, I'll just enjoy my power, because there are some in my area without it, and do it in 5 minute  bursts of energy.  Hugs Nancy

Cucu me
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I love it,

be gentle to yourself, don't overwork

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You are probably anemic at this point so your body can't perform as you wish it would.  Take it easy and conserve your strength.

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LOL, same thing happened to me!  We got about four or five inches of heavy, wet snow and my husband and son are out plowing for our company....so,  I thought, I'll just shovel a path for the dogs.  I shovels one little path and had to come in and rest....I was pooped!  It's hard for me to even hold on to a snow shovel since I don't have a lot of feeling in my fingers. 

We have satellite tv and the dish is covered with snow so I'm watching tv on a 7" screen with a little antenna but at least I also till have power and I have my computer with internet.

We WILL get our strength back, Nancy!!!



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