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PSA 0.14 after radiation treatments

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Hi all, I just wanted to give an update on my status and any advice is appreciated.
After radical Prostatectomy and radiation therapry 8 weeks ago my PSA has climbed from 0.1 post prostatectomy to 0.14 post radiation

I will meet with my radiation oncologist Monday at Mass Gen Hospital.
Not much more he can do, but refer my to a different specialist.
I really don't want to do hormone deprivation as from waht I have read it only makes the cancer become more aggressive and untreatable.
I will not rule it out because I have to talk to more people and study more on this subject.

I am thinking of waiting till my PSA goes to 0.2 so I can get the C11 Choline scan as I had a bad reaction to the gadolinium contrast from my last MRI.


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John (JMS58)

I am sorry for the news on the increased PSA, but it may be too early to judge the outcome of the SRT. I think it to be just two month since your SRT intervention. You need at least three consecutive PSA rises (from a nadir) to declare recurrence. Wait for the next PSA result and proceed from there.

Here is the narration of your case till SRT; https://csn.cancer.org/node/295124

Regarding C11 PET scan, you should request it when at higher levels of PSA, close to PSA=1.5 to 2.0 ng/ml. However, I want to inform you that researchers have identified other contrast agents (now in trials) that seem to be better than the C11 to localize (and maybe cure) micrometastases (small size tumours).

If in your shoes I would discuss in your next meeting with the doctor at Mass Gen Hospital, about possibilities for you to participate in one of the below trials. They are safe and appropriate for your case.

The contrast agent is the Lutetium-177 (Lu-177), a radiopharmaceutical substance that manages to detect cancer of micro sizes. So far researchers got good outcomes from the first and second phases of trials even when they do the scan with a Gamma camera (the “machine” used in bone scans). They want now to study Lu-177 as a means of treatment, not just as a means of a contrast agent to detect cancer. This is a “Leap Step in the Treatment of Cancer” in systemic patients, those with failed RP and RT.

In this link you can read more details about Lutetium 177;

In this link you can read about the capabilities in treatments directly "attacking" cancer via PSMA;

The Lu-177 clinical trials is in this link; (make a copy for your doctor)


Another trial probably proper for you because you have the gene test profile of your cancer is this;


Please inquire if you need more details.

Best wishes and luck in your continuing journey.


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Thank You VGama,
I can't say how much you have helped me in deeling with my cancer.
I will be seeing my doctor today and will give him this trial LU-177.


All the Best


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