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Two Years NED

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I finished chemo two years ago last week and 4 brachiatherapies(sp) in Fed. Had my two year yesterday and all looks good. I was diagnosed with UPSC Stage 3 c3; one bad lymph node out of 23. I tell myself before each exam I'm not nervous but lets get real. We can't help but have reserverations each time. My CA125 marker is not a good one for me and my oncologist doesn't like doing a lot of ctscans. I have had such wonderful treatment at our local treatment center (Compass Oncology) and feel real good about the future. I really have almost no reservations about recurrance; just very positive thoughts even knowing the statistics.


My husbands cryoablation on his kidney tumor appears to be successful; he is scheduled for another ctscan in a couple of weeks and my daughter is also dancing with NED.


I can't express how great this is. We started this journey in May 2013 with Gary's diagnosis and mine in June 2013 followed by my brother and daughter in October 2014. My brother died last April and I guess this makes us feel so lucky to be where we are. I miss him a lot but am thankful that his Non-Hodghkins took him fairly quickly. 


We have such great info on this site. I miss Ro's post so much. She answered a lot of my posts when I first joined. I only wish I had found the site sooner also. You ladies that discover us early are very lucky because I remember all the questions and worries in the beginning.


I have some serious neuropathy in my feet and bladder will never be the same but I got a great new short spikey hairstyle that I would never have had the nerve to try. It could be far worse. I take Gabapentin and it helps a little. Tried Lyrica and that was a disaster. I follow the boards almost every day but seldom post. Take care and I'm thinking of all of you in active treatment. It DOES end and thinks do get better. You're never the same but I know how much more our family appreciates each other and life in general


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I am so glad you have had such good response to your treatments.  You certainly earned every day of NED.  I'm almost 1/2 way through chemo, don't know about radiation afterwards.  Just want it to be over, but I think my stage 3 grade 3 is the gift that keeps giving.  Hugs Nancy

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Congrats!  That calls for a huge celebration!!!!

So happy for you and your family members dancing with NED.

I agree, I feel very lucky for finding this site at the beginning of my journey.

Love and Hugs,


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So happy for you, Joanne!!  I couldn't agree missing Ro, and the other ladies we have lost over the years. 

I hope you did something special for yourself.  

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So glad to hear stories like this.  You give all of us hope.


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Keep it up!

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Hi Joanne I am giving thanks for  your NED position, gives us hope ,From the sound of your post I am assuming that you are seeing a half full glass , great attitude, I hope in time the glass will be full and then some . You have had a tough row to hoe  but no debilitating anger is detected , way to go my sister,I wish you and your family  more showers of blessings.

Being able to appreciate life when in crisis is a rare gift,keep it.

Nuff love , Moli


Cucu me
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wishing you the best.

You so well said it all, exactly how I would say it.

Fingers cross for all sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love hearing success stories like yours especially with Stage III!



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