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Hello everyone, I'm , Donnie Wyatt, from Plant City, Fl. On April 1, 1977 i started a party that is still going. I dove into a lake and broke my neck rendering myslf a c5 quadriplegic now of 38 years. i was 19 yo at the time. That's 38 years of quadriplegia. About 32-33 of those years where great. About 5 years ago i developed a pressure sore when my cushion went flat. Managed to get the sore healed but other problems emerged. i problem was kidney stones and bladder stones.

Over the years i picked up the Harmonica as a hobby. About 20+ years ago my playing time dropped from 5+ hours to 1 hour down to 0 hours. Every time i asked my Dr. about it he would say it was kidney stones or bladder stones. About 40 days ago i had to go to the hospital because my blood pressure was over 200 for over 4 days strait. Again my Dr. would attribute the BP and dysreflexia on kidney & bladder problems. I refused to leave the hospital untill someone looked at my lower left stomach and left intestines. Took less the 10 minutes to see the Tumor and liasions.

Had the tumor taken out 2 days ago. It was 5-6cm in x-rays but when surgury came it was almost softball size. Sweet - not near as much pain. I am a c5 quad paralized from top of the shoulders up but i'm also an incomplete quad meaning i can feel some of my insides and other GI problems.This thing caused alot of greif iand pain over the years.  I went over 20+ years of this thing growing between my stomach linings. I am ready to get to my near normal quadriplegic life - minus the broken hip, kidney stones, etc.

I am angry at my primary care Dr. and his nurse practioner whom both tried to get me not to come to the hospital this time. Will get back here soon. Time to drain the wound cavity. I will red and write more tomorrow.

SORRY FOR THE BAD GRAMMER - i am still in the Hospital and cannot find my glasses! 

Donnie Wyatt