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Easy Cancer?????? Cervical cancer - VENTING

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WHO THE HELL SAYS: Oh well you had an easy cancer????????????????????????????? Yell Can you please tell me what is an easy cancer?

in my book NO CANCER is an easy cancer!!!!!!!!!! AND anyone that says that is IGNORANT! and clearly is missing a few brain cells.

Each person is different, go through things differently and heal or may not heal differently. 


Who agrees???? 



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People say stupid things.  My doctor told me that when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer -- said it was "a good cancer to have".  Seriously?!?!

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No cancer is easy.  Cancer is a cancer.  It is not supposed to be in your body.  It sucks. It takes too many and is especially painful when it is someone you care about.  

Pray everyday that they find a cure for this disease.

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very true

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I was told by a friend....if you were to pick a cancer, my cancer (vaginal/vulva) cancer would be a good one. REALLY???!!! NO cancer is good. I realize people are scared of cancer and try to write off their ignorance and realize they are afraid. Can only educate them, one moron at at time. We are stronger for all this.


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telling me "This is curable". Well, after surgery and a pathology report, I learned that my rare and highly aggressive advanced stage uterine cancer was "not so much" curable. Bummer! But on a positive note, I am still here and as far as I know NED. No cancer is easy to cope with.

Wishing you all the best 


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Good Luck with Everything! 

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That's insane!

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