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Hip Pain

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I hadn't considered my hip pain when bending over to be a symptom. But I'm seeing a lot of people mention that it was among their symptoms prior to being diagnosed with Lymphoma. 

Can anyone explain what causes the relationship and does it improve if treatment is otherwise effective?

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i cannot explain it. However I had lower back pain in the SI joint area for years. Nothing seemed to help. When I started Rituxan treatments it went away practically overnight. My guess is that small tumors or swollen but small lymph nodes must be pressing against a nerve. I then developed knee issues which mostly went away when Rituxan was finished. Go figure! Hopefully your hip will see the same results as my back. Good luck next week.

What kind of dog is that?

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i attributed my bending pain to a bit of a portly stature, so I am anxious to see what happens.

That's Melba. She is a cross of Border Collie and Great Pyrenees.  I got her about 7 years ago at a rescue.  I live in Wyoming. There are still some really big sheep outfits here which use both breeds on the ranch.  Hence, this cross is not a rarity.  She's rugged and loving and loyal and a total sweetheart.


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I recently was at a doctor appointment.  I had to roll over but was in a great deal of pain.  She noticed that my sacrum was inflamed and urged me to call my oncologist.  Long story short, I have follicular cancer NHL.  There have been cases where FCNHL patients if I'm not mistaken ??? can develop what you have and a symtom is pain in the hips.  

Before treatment my started, I had a great deal of pain due to a few injuries, I rolled my foot on holiday in Germany and it never healed properly, I fell on the ice playing hockey with my children and really hurt my knee and hip.  Before cancer I never went to the doctor.  I was diagnosis a few months after my crash on the ice.

Like GKH my pain went away with treatment.  I did Rituxin only and it is also used for arthritis patients.  My pain was gone after my first infusion.  Anti inflammatory benefits, bonus!



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