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Well, back to chemo again

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Lou Ann M
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I am healing very well from my bowel resection surgery 4 1/2 weeks ago.  My surgeon/ gyn-onc called my medical oncologist and they discussed and debated my options and came up with several options for me.  We are going to try the Taxol/ Carbo combo again, because it did work well until I had a reaction to the Carbo.  they are going to try a desensitizing plan for the Carbo..  It will be run very slowly over 6-6 1/2 hours and then i will come back the next day for the Taxol.  I am starting on this on Wednesday, so backmto chemo every 3 weeks.  I feel pretty good about this since the 2 together did work and I know what and when the side effects are.


Hugs and prayers to all, Lou Ann

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Seems like a good plan, Lou Ann! I 'm glad you have a good medical team to back you up. Best wishes on your continuing treatment!

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Glad to hear you are healing so well!  My prayers are with you that the Taxol/Carbo works and that the side effects are doable!

My next chemo is Thursday and will be my first full dose instead of the weekly.  So, you, Chris (EditGrl) and I are going to be on a very similar schedule.

Please keep in touch as we go along.

Love and Hugs!


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Lou Ann M
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I am hoping the full dose plan works well for you.  That is what I was on for the 1st go around and what I will be on again, except for the 6-7 hrs Carbo infusion.  I liked the fact that I almost always had 2 weeks of feeling pretty good.  Ther last week was usually almost normal, Quite a bit of energy.,  and I was able to get out and do things.  I will be thinking of you.  Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

Cucu me
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I'm crossing fingers everything to be great for you!

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Lou Ann, so happy to hear you are bouncing back from the surgery.  I have to say, I read your post and thought, "You go girl!"  

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Lou Ann, I am glad to hear that you are healing quickly. Your treatment plan makes a lot of sense and you should get great results, especially with a slower infusion time.

Wishing you well, 


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Will think of you tomorrow.

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and what a warrior you are!  Sounds like you have a great plan in place.  Good luck with your infusion tomorrow.  


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