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Big PSA jump aft undetectable

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had surgery in January, 9 months ago. Surgical path was G7(3+4), negative margins, beg seminal vesicles, negative lymph nodes, (9 taken) no ECE, 5% of prostate involved by tumor, have had 3 UNDETECTABLE PSAs, all <.02. 

Today I got my 9 month PSA results , came back at 3.38! Is it even possible that ther could be a jump that high in 3 months from undetectable, with favorable pathology? 

My Drs PA says it's likely a lab error, and retook blood work, different lab. I'll have results tomorrow, but I'm panicked. 

hopeful and opt...
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could be lots of things, wrong name, wrong decimal point, if telephone, can be read wrong, etc

Good luck

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I got the lab results online. 

I called the lab, and was told they checked the test to be sure it was MY results, and it was, so that's not it.

still I don't think this logically is even possible, to have a jump,from undetecta to 3.38 in 3 months. 


Old Salt
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Let's hope the repeat assay result will give you reason to relax

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Repeat at different lab came back at 0.00 

Mistakes happen, but this was unconscionable. It wasn't an error in machine calibration, it was carelessness, I am contacting Quest in writing and asking for an official response. This should never happen

hopeful and opt...
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Getting the new PSA is alway nerve racking. We have to be on the alert, to double check the results of all tests , not necessary limited to PSA. I have had wrong results presented to me in a different test that I had.........I had to drive 70 miles to my doc, to find out that the results were for a different person. I also had a clown doc trying to sell me extra treatments.....this was 6 1/2 years ago; I'm still angry.

Aditionally, sometimes the lab work is allowed to sit for a while, instead of being processed as it should,  which influences results.


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Glad to hear that it was just a mistake.  Undoubtedly unsettling but at least you got another test confirming past undetectable results.  If you paid for the bogus test out of pocket, I'd ask for a refund. 

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They made a similiar mistake twice ?  If so, it is indeed unbelievable. At a minimum, they should refund any charges. I think they should agree to lifetime testing for free.

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Who would want free life time tests from Quest? dump them!!!!! NEPOL

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