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A question about Curcumin use before treatment other therapies

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hi, thanks in advance of your answers. Curcumin is said to be a great supplement. Is it better to take it before or after chemo and

other therapies? Does Curcumin help to reduce the blood supply to the tumor or cancer? If so would u not want to take it until after 

therapy is complete so the treatments can reach the areas intended through the blood supply? I think Curcumin can help reduce the blood supply to an

area. Right ? Thanks 

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Curcumin, the active ingredient in the spice Tumeric, MAY sensitize cancer cells to paclitaxel. Potentially curcumin could enhance the efforts of paclitaxel to prevent cancer cells from reproducing and decrease occurence of patient resistance to paclitaxel. Clinical trials are incomplete and curcumin is a natural iron-chelating substance, so beware aggravating chemo anemia. One researcher suggested not taking it daily, but a few hours before the paclitaxel. Another noted how dangerous it is to add supplements to the extensive chemical cocktail that chemo provides.

I found no evidence that curcumin affected blood supply. Research seemed concentrated on either its ability to supress a patient's resistence to the paclitaxel or to relieve the toxicity of cisplatin, but I may have missed some clinical studies. Used for these purposes I would assume the therapy must be taken before or during the chemo to be effective.

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Just a suggestion that you might want to double-check with your doctor.  I know most of our doctors entertain all our questions, so maybe you will have one who has heard about it and can comment.

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