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Follow-Up Appt Tomorrow

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Hi, all,

Tomorrow morning is my follow up with my urologic surgeon, Dr. Lallas, at Jefferson in Philly.  To be honest, my mind is in a really good place about it.  I can't say that my stress level is very high.  I'm just confident.  I feel good!

A question, though: I had the actual scans a month ago, if you recall.  Can I safely assume that if something nefarious had come up on the scans that someone would have called me way before tomorrow?  I mean, if they found something I'd assume they'd want to get better imaging on it ASAP, right?  All my blood results looked good as well.  I'm just feeling about 99.99% positive that there will be no surprises tomorrow.  

I will, of course, have a full report.

- Jay  

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Well, Jay I would think you would've been contacted if anything serious is going on. For myself, I always get a copy of my reports ahead of time, usually 2-3 days after test/procedue etc. That way I know what is being reported and can be prepared to ask questions. But that's me.


So relish the idea that you are no worried as to me, that is a waste of precious energy to live today.

Let us know how you are doing and what happens if you want to share it with us.

I'll say a little prayer for your serenity~



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You have all the reasons to feel confident, because you 'll get confirmation of NED tomorrow!

great that you are so calm, perhaps you'll be able to keep this attitude for all future scans in all future years, and teach us how to do it :-)

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Jay, that is exactly what I think....if it was bad news, you would have been contacted by now. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! Get the champagne ready!! (gingerale for your wife, though!)



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Jefferson told me to download this free app that would allow me to connect to the doctor's offices and get results and such, but it never works.  It's called Follow My Health.  I consider myself pretty tech savvy and this app is pretty much unusable and totally counter-intuitive.  My primary doctor's office always calls me if they hear anything out of the ordinary as well (at least they say they will).  Otherwise, I'll call if I really start feeling the scanxiety.

- Jay 

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I have a "my chart" email address to my health corporation to see results AND to leave email messages to my doctor (primary).

HOWEVER, you cannot SEE your results on this My Chart Website unless the ordering doctor has viewed them AND released them

BUT what I was suggesting to you, is you would go to the Medical records department where you received your test/labs etc. They usually dictate them in a couple of days or less. I always get my CT/MRI or other tests results within a day or two, sometimes same day. I can get my lab results but usually don't feel a need to, unless I am  concerned about other levels in my system. ( I have OTHER medical chronic conditions).


That way I am always prepared ahead of any appointments and can come ready with questions and clarifications. It helps me  to do it this way.

Glad you got your NED results.. YAY!!!


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I just went through this. I assumed that as well. Then I talked to my uncle (an oncologist) and he said don't assume that. Often they don't look at the scan report until just before they see you or when they see you. I thought, hmmm. Then I saw my oncologist yesterday and asked him, and he said, you're uncle is right. Don't assume we go look at your scans until we have a reason to look, and that's usually when you have your appointment. He told me next time to shoot him an email 2-3 days after the scan and he'll grab it for me and send it to me.

In the past, I've gone directly to the radiology/records department and asked for a copy of the report. They provided it. Only once did I have trouble and that was when I tried to get my pathology report before the doc had seen me. They wouldn't release it to me directly until the doc had seen it and talked to me.

Good luck. Hope all is well. I'm sure it's fine.


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a pizza and beer night as it will be a cause for a celebration.

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Time for celebration gets closer, I'm sure you'll recieve good news from your oncologist



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