Anaplastic astrocytoma and seizures

I'm trying to decide whether to stay on Keppra. I was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma (grade 3) in June 2013. I had a focal seizure before the tumor was removed, and have been on a low dose of Keppra since. I've gotten conflicting information from doctors on whether it's necessary since I haven't had any seizures after tumor resection. I don't like the idea of being on a medication for the rest of my life that may or may not be necessary. What have you been told? What's your experience? More information will help me out!


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     My situation is sort of the

     My situation is sort of the opposite, I did have motor/focal seizures before I had a grand mal seizure that led to my diagnosis of an aa3.  I was pregnant when I was having the motor seizures, and I just thought it was weird cramps in my arm.    You're told your whole life that your body does weird things when you're pregnant so I thought nothing of them. Then a week after I gave birth, I had my grand mal seizure.  I was on low dose keppra for a year and startEd  having partial focal seizures again while on the Keppra.  These seizures are different though, I get a numbness on my right side now instead of cramping in my right arm which is what I had before my surgery.  I'm currently two years out from my diagnosis and I'm on more seizure medicine now than I was initially after brain surgery.  Everybody is different.  I think my partial focal seizures are due to the healing that is still going on in the tumor cavity because my MRIs have been consistently stable. Because you're looking to get off of seizure meds while I am considering adding more, I guess that means that my opinion, take it or leave it, would be to make any changes with your neurologist's knowledge and approval. Probably safest to have an eeg as well. My personal feeling is that I'd rather be on the seizure drugs to prevent a seizure, because having and grand mal seizure takes away your independence, i.e. driving privileges.