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Partial nephrectomy 4 days ago

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My robotic surgery went well.  I was in the hospital for two nights.  The neasea from the anesthesia was horrible and I didn't react well to the morphine that was administered after the surgery.  I am home now with prescription for Tramadol which helps the pain somewaht.  At least I can tolerate it.  


I woke up this morning feeling feverish.  My temp. shows 100.  My discharge instructions say to call the doctor if my temp goes beyond 101.5.  I am nervous that I.n coming down with an infection.  Is this normal to have some elevated temp. a few days post surgery?

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If you are concerned call the doc. Fevers do occassionally occur after surgery and you want to be one step ahead of the game.



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Wish you a speedy recovery!

yes, an elevated temperature to a certain extent is normal, my partner had it. But he was in hospital for a week (not because he needed to, but because in our country they like to monitor you for a while after any surgery). So he was monitored by docs. If you are already discharged and concerned, better to double-check, as Iceman said.

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I hated the morphine, too. Could only tolerate it for a few hours before I asked them to try something else. Tramadol w my fallback as well.

i definitely had a fever in the 99-100 range for a few days post surgery. Think it has to do with all the work your body is doing healing inside.


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Happy to know it went well,I had radical neph and didn't have fever.I think it's good to talk to your surgeon to make sure it's normal

Wishing you uneventful recovery




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Glad to learn your surgery is over. Sorry for the nausea. Did they give you anti-nausea meds via anesthesiologist?

Hoped you called the on-call doc regarding your fever, did you?

And use ice to help with the soreness/swelling. I do not know of anything that helps with that gas pain. Do you have any?

I used to move my arms alot, swinging them to help move that gas along and out!

Let us know how you are doing.


Gentle hugs, Jan

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I just had a low grade fever that never progressed further.  I have been slowly recupperating.  I am concerned though that it's been a week since my surgery and I have not had any bowel movements yet.  Is this normal?

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Glad your fever is gone. Yes, that's very normal not to have a bowel movement. It took me almost a week for the Poop Fairy to finally show up. I took Senna twice a day so try that if not taking anything. It's mild. Make sure you drink lots of water and walk as much as possible. Those help too. 

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Thanks for your reply APny.

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Your body has taken a big hit. Higher temp is often due to the increased metabolism needed to heal. Not necessarily due to infection. Especially night sweats. Constipation tends to follow the narcotics needed after surgery. Be patient with the changes. Your body will correct itself as you recover.

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Nielk, (think is the first time I've written your name correctly, sorry)

It took me about 4 days to have a bowel movement as well... Remember your bowel prep cleaned you out totally, and, if you were like me, you probably barely ate anything the first day or two because of the painkillers.  There wasn't anything to move through!

Just remember... WALK WALK WALK as much you can and DRINK DRINK DRINK as much water as you can stand with whatever you eat.  It will do wonders to getting everything moving and lubricated again.  

- Jay

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I spoke to the nurse at the doctor's office yesterday and she told me to take milk of magneisa. This worked like magic for me.  Within 2 hours, I had a movement!

My doctor called me last night with the results of my pathology report.  He said it was clear cell renal cell carcinoma.  I guess there is no surprise there.  I totally forgot to ask him about staging and all!  I have requested a copy from his office so I hope I will get it soon.


Thanks again guys for all your good advice.

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I wouldnt complain about constipation. Treasure every precious minute! I've had two years of the other!

Fox is right, your body has taken a jolt. It will take a while to sort itself out in its own time, frustratingly slowly and surprisingly quickly

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