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New RCC found on remaining kidney

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After a multitude of repeated CT and MRI tests, it was determined I have a new RCC on my remaining left kidney (right kidney and RCC tumor removed 20 years ago). So I will have the same invasive surgery done on my left side in two weeks to remove the lesion and a margin of kidney. I was told no chemo or other treatment. On Tuesday if will have (yet another) lung biopsy to see if the mass is RCC or "just lung cancer" and the mass will be scheduled to be removed two weeks or more after the kidney is done. LJ laparoscopically. No guarantees on chemo on this one. So, down and out with cancer in two organs. I was told some people create cancers. I'm one of them. No questions here. Just updating my story. I may not be on here for a long while due to pain and/or 24/7 drug induced sleep like I remember from 20 years ago. Take care of yourselves.

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So sorry to hear your news. I am sure you are feeling a bit scared. If the mass on your lung is RCC, we have many members here who have had mets to the lungs and have had it removed and go on normally with their lives afterwards. Try not to feel discouraged!! Medical procedures have come a LONG way in 20 years! They aren't nearly as invasive.

Good luck and hope we hear from you soon!



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treatment AND procedures have come a long way in 20 years. Keep you chin up and you'll be back to normal sooner than you think.

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Yes, methods have changed somewhat in 20 years. I won't lose a rib and a complete kidney this time, and the scar will only be 12 inches rather than across my stomach and curved up to my armpit. But it still is invasive and I keloid, so scarring and the subsequent pain will be there too. I am actually looking forward to the operations just to get the cancers out. Right now you would never know I have this inside me. No outward symptoms at all. I walk, dance, eat out with friends--no pain, bleeding, skin discoloration... Rambling now. Thank you for being a shoulder!

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I am so sorry you're going through this again. Did they tell you the incision will be 12 inches? I had a left partial nephrectomy and my incision is around 4 inches. Of course it may all depend on location of the tumor but hoping yours will be small enough not to be too painful. Mine was definitely tolerable. No staples, just a surgi strip or whatever they call it and the scar is really very thin and minimal. Hoping for the same for you and wishing you the very best.

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Has you surgeon given you the option of laparoscopic procedure? The robotic variety of this is very low-invasion and the techniques are much easier than 20 years ago. 

- Jay

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Laparoscopy is not iny cards as the veins/blood vessels need to be gently squeezed when searching the tumor and taking the margins, something that a mechanical clamp might do too hard. It's my only kidney and they are ensuring it doesn't get damaged.

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Sorry to hear about this.  I hope all goes well with the surgery, you are in my thoughts.



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I will keep you in my prayers.


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