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MRI results

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my husband had an MRI of his spine today and nothing new showed up; one of his radiation oncologist's concern was how the Cyberknife worked on the L4 pedicle that was 1 mm away from the nerves.

it appears to have worked well and she confirmed the thought that his kidney cancer is not following a recognizable pattern and this is good.

weight is good, blood pressure good and creatinine down from 1.79 to 1.4; no contrast used.

he will be scheduled for CT scans of chest and pelvis but not for a couple of months.

All in all, great report and he will not be put on xgeva.

it is such a relief to be able to plan a couple of vacations and to celebrate our wedding anniversary (43 years yesterday). We postponed dinner out to this weekend.


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Great news, Sarah!  Go out and enjoy your dinner and Anniversay!  You guys deserve it! Happy Anniversay!!!Laughing

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The Karma comes around and goes around. Good for you guys.

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oh, Fox, thank you; coming from you, it means a lot. I have learned so much about positivity from you.

Although the appointment has been set for some time, I was able to enjoy the summer and didn't stress until this week. Waiting this afternoon wasn't a picnic but much better than on prior tests.  

Two years ago, he was told maybe a year but it will be the last Christmas; so, for those who hear words like these, don't buy into them. Likely, they come from either no experience or the internet.


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Oh Sarah! I am so happy for you both! We will be celebrating along with you!

And Happy Anniversary! Wow. 43 years! Time for some champagne!

Big hugs


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Congratulations for good results and anniversary ! 43 years of loving, caring and supportinb each other - this is the way to live!

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I married at 20 so it hasn't always (in fact, rarely) been easy; we hung in, though and it is worth it.

i think 43 years is something our parents celebrated since I am still a young woman; I just happen to have two sons in their 30's and 3 grandchildren.

But, thank you and for today, life is good 


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I'm very happy for you both. It's a great relief which I pray, continue for very ling time.

Congratulations on your anniversary, it's party time





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Excellent news!  Congratulations.

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Wonderful anniversary present. Congratulations and yes, go celebrate!

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