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A possible cure for cancer found?

angec's picture
Posts: 924
Joined: Mar 2012

Can this be true? If so, great news!



Jojo61's picture
Posts: 1310
Joined: Oct 2013

It sounds promising!! Here's hoping they develop this very quickly.


Skagway Jack's picture
Skagway Jack
Posts: 224
Joined: Oct 2013

Makes sense, I wonder how long it will take to go from the lab to testing in patients? 



APny's picture
Posts: 1998
Joined: Mar 2014

That's awesome. Let's hope the process of making it an available treatment option doesn't take forever.

angec's picture
Posts: 924
Joined: Mar 2012

Yes, it does sound promising, and makes perfect sense.  It seemed like this is something they can do quickly.   I hope it works out. It would take a lot of stress off of people, that is for sure.

Texasgranny38's picture
Posts: 24
Joined: Jul 2015

Great News!  Praying this becomes a reality soon.

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