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Should I get a second opinon on biopsy

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Hello Everyone Once Again,

I received my biopsy results back three weeks ago showing all 12 cores were Gleason 9 and 8's, 100% positive, 90-100% involved.  Pre-biopsy PSA was 38, Free PSA percentage 8.5%, DRE Abnormal.  Doctors recommend 'throwing the sink' at cancer due to my age of 59 and biopsy results.

With the data above, would it be wise to get a second opinion on the biopsy slides?  Even though pathology is somewhat of an art, it seems like a waste of good time based on the severity of the data.  I have spoken to others and they say that with these biopsay scores, 100% involvement 12 out of 12 cores, PSA, DRE, etc., etc,. a second opinion of the biopsy slides is not warranted even if a few biopsy cores changed ratings up or down; concentrate on the treatment.

Your opinions would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone,



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Suggest that you post only to the other thread that you started, so all information for you situation is in one place. When you post at that thread simply click "add new comment" at the bottom of the last post, post, then click submit.

Vasco gave an appropriate answer to your question at the other thread. 

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You are very likely right, the second opinion may not influence your treatment decisions; however, for your peace of mind (and a fairly low cost) a second opinion may be warranted. I had a second opinion just to make "double" sure.

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Secondary biopsy reviews, if they change anything, are usually subtle.  There is nothing subtle in your results, and your results given above would have to be massively off to cause the doctor to redirect whatever he is planning to suggest in terms of treatment.

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