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Prayers, good vibes, any kind of loving though for our dear friend herdizziness - Winter Marie

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Winter has just been told that her bili is high, and that she is in liver failure. 

After a fight between her Doctor, nurse and pharma, they are going to try Erbitux again. 

We need to rally around our friend with all the prayers or good vibes we can muster. We all know Winter is a fighter, and she will do her part, so we must do our part as well. 


Sue - Trubrit

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Sue, thanks for the update.  Winter Marie is inspirational.  Only the best.


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Dearest Winter Marie, I know this is hard, but you are one of the strongest persons that I've ever known, so if anyone can do this, you can!  Now get that Erbitux and flght those little demon cells away and destroy them.  Now get plenty of rest and come back strong, we're all with you.

Gentle hugs,



Cathleen Mary
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We have your back, Winter Marie. Prayers, best wishes, hugs, strength,courage.....


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Sending all the strength, prays and positive energy I have to you Winter ....

I am sorry that you are facing difficult times right now .. a special prayer for you.

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Sending love and postive thoughts to you, my friend. Also lending you a pair of boots to continue kickin' cancer's a$$.

We are all here for you.


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Winter, you are such a strong fighter that inspires us all. I am glad you fought for the Erbitux. It tells me you are far from being done. Keeping fighting. Your love for life and fighting spirit is a true testement of the human spirit and the will to live.

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So sorry for the setback, Winter Marie. Sending many healing thoughts,vibes and wishes that you'll be able to make that trip to visit your daughter and grandchildren in Ohio at the end of this month as you had hoped to. Hang in there! 


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Praying for healing for you Winter Marie and strength for you and your family.

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George & Diane send our love & prayers. 

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Hugs and positive thoughts for you, Winter. You are amazing and tough but my heart hurts knowing that you're having a difficult time. Bless you. I'm saying a prayer for you.


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Hey Winter Marie,  sending many prayers and positive thoughts for you to turn things around and feel better soon.

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All are with you Winter

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I want to send you me support and best wishes. I wish you a speedy resolution to this hurdle. You are the Rock of our community and we believe in you.


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you're a tough gal, WM.  Keep fighting.

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Hey Winter,

Mom and I are praying for you to pull through this difficult time. You are very strong and we know you can do this. Please take care. We love you.

Linda and Mom

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hello dear girl......you are simply The Best.  The strongest, the best informed.....a true friend and a true warrior.  Sending all the very very best wishes......mags

Fight for my love
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Just said a special prayer for her. I will continue to pray for her.

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Miss Cindy L
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Sending all the love and prayers your way! You can do this you are an amazing, strong person and we are all here for you!! 

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several years ago you wrote on your 'about me' page:

Every day is another day that the sunshine of a new morning has kissed my face, and for that I am grateful.

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.  Lighting a candle for you tonight and sending you peace, love, and courage my feisty friend. 


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We are here for you Winter Marie.  I am holding on to hope that the treatment will work.  You are strong.



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She is such a kind person, looking out for all of us with her knowledge and positive thoughts. She's in my prayers.


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  You have fought long and hard, best wishes ,Ron.

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The very best to you!

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Positive thoughts an energy sent your way.. you can do this... 

lots of prayers i will ask my moms to put Winter in her daily prayers at Grace family church... 

Best wishes  :) 

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I'm sorry to hear this news. I hope the Erbitux does the trick. My thoughts are with you

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Sending hugs, prayers, vibes and everything I can your way. Stay strong grrrl! You can do this once again!


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It saddens me so to read this but you have rallied in the past and I know you can do it again. 

Sending love and hugs - Tina

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Lifting you up today Winter!  You're a strong and amazing woman.  Love, prayers and healing thoughts heading your way.

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dear Winter...

hang in there. A big hug from Germany. Thinking of you



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