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AMS 800 urinary artificial sphincter

Greg Maze
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Joined: Jul 2015

Any one interested in tell me the name of a great Urologist that does surgery for the implant of the AMS 800?


hopeful and opt...
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I suggest that you do research. It's my opinion that the doctors who are experts in a procedure publish a lot....I suggest that you go to pubmed.



where medical research papers are stored, and look up AMS 800 to see which doctors publish.

 let us know where you live, so possibly....one of us may be able to give additional information.


H & O


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Hi Greg,

If you are near the Boston, MA area, I can recommend an institution and a surgeon who implanted my AMS 800.

ElliottDaniel's picture
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Dear Greg,

In my experience, a good source of information of high quality surgeons in your area is by contacting American Medical Systems directly.  They know the top surgeons in various areas around the nation.  But I have found that you still need to ask whoever it is they recommend how many artificial sphincter procedures the surgeon does per year.  If the surgeon does less than 20-30/year then you may want to consder looking for a larger volume surgeon.  As with anything, the more experience your surgeon has, the better chance you have of having a good outcome.  


Dr. DS Elliott

Mayo Clinic

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