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AML Older Survivors

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Hello, my mother (59 years old) was diagnosed with AML (intermediate risk type) this past February. I am unsure if this is the correct place to ask, but is it possible for me to find someone who is around my mother's age who has also had her condition and survived? I ask this because I've read that the survival rate is not good for her case, but people her age have been cured. It would be a lot comforting to actually know a name of a person who is one of those cured people rather than just rely on numbers alone. 

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Newmans Daughter
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My father was first diagnosed February 2012 with Stage 3 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. His oncologists gave him several weeks to live or chemo. He opted for 6 months of chemo and beat the odds. December 2013 my dad was told "your cancer free" then it came back May 2015 as therapy related AML. He was a 2 pack a day smoker since age of 12-13 til his dx in 2012 then stopped completely. Never been sick a day in his life and never was on any meds prior to all this. Now current regimen is blood draw weekly and the 3rd wk of each month for 5 days straight he has infusion aka chemo. Its been 7 months and his oncologist wants to recommend a clinical study at Yale since St Francis doesn't have this trial study. I guess once a wk my dad would attend the Yale study, get chemo or something of that nature instead of five days straight within a month. I was told by the doctor for an 85 yr old to be around after all this is a miracle. I'm just curious to know if there are any other elderly survivors of AML out there >6 months of Deciban. My dad still maintains his weight, his counts are low but not enough where he needs blood transfusion or a neutropen injection. Forgive my misspellings on medical terms but i searched everywhere for info to help with our decision.  Also I'm his only caregiver and he's been living with me since 2012. Appreciate any feedback. 

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I have been looking for the same type of information. My grandmother is 63 and was first diagnosed with secondary MDS (high risk) back in December of 2015. (She had breast cancer back in 1995 & 2001) They tried to treat her with Vidaza, but they were not able to stay on schedule because she kept getting infections. They recently gave her a diagnosis of secondary AML a few weeks ago and are wanting to give up on her because of her age and she has a lot of infections. There are many investigational studies out there showing that a miracle is possible (besides the fact of knowing what God is capable of as well), so we are currently trying to get the doctors to allow us to exercise our "right to try" an act that has been passed in several states in the United States. I am looking for elderly/older survivors as well, or the family of them.  

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Diagnosed AML medium risk January 2016 when 67.  Unrelated Stem cell transplant April 2016 after turned 68.  Have been skiing of late.  Have had ups and downs with GVHD.

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