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Colonoscopy, GI series and a leap of faith

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Hi all, I had a colonoscopy and GI series of tests today. I am pleased to report everything was clear and clean, no sign of anything unusual or of cancer. The Dr. told me that unless my oncologist advises to have these tests more often, he see's no reason why I would need to do this again for 5 years. I have a strong feeling my oncologist won't go that long, but it was really good to hear. I have had 5 colonoscopies in 4 years, I would like to not do it again for awhile. That said, every bit of good news brings additional hope for the future.

Interestingly enough, he also asked me what I ate on a regular basis. I told him I was a vegetarian, ate only fresh food, nothing processed, lived on nuts, grains, beans and although I do eat some cheese and yogurt I limit dairy. He said he could tell I ate a very clean diet from the look of my insides. So I guess I am doing things right....

Lastly, I took a little leap of faith last Friday. Ever since my hair grew back, I have been keeping it pretty short. I guess I just kept thinking I didn't want to go through the trouble of growing it out if I was going to go back into treatment again and lose it all. Well, last Friday I was with my stylist and I made a decision to start growing it out some. I know it seems like a little thing, but it was a big hurdle for me. 

So now I just wait for my next oncology appointment on July 6th and if all my blood work comes back good, it will be time to begin planning my September 60th birthday adventure. 

Tonight I am feeling very blessed.


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Hooray for clean tests!

Hooray for leaps of faith!

I can't wait to sneak in hair pets with those hugs :)

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Great news!

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Of course, you looks beautiful with that short hair, but growing it long would be a real treat and a sort of 'in your face, cancer', so I look forward to seeing a new avatar when its all grown. 

So happy that your scans were good. 

 Happy, Happy Dancing man for MAlice. 

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Awesome news!! Glad to hear all is clear!

I think that is a great way to celebrate by letting your hair grow out! 

Good for you!  Cool

Cathleen Mary
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Enjoy the wonderful news. Have fun planning a 60th birthday adventure.


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on everything! I love a leap of faith and we do want to hear about that turning 60 adventure! Congrats again!


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