prophylactic cranial irradiation

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my wife has recently completed chemo and 3d direct beam radiation for limited small cell lung cancer,  her recent PET scan according to her dr. showed no cancer and said she was in complete remission. he wants her to start PCI in the nest week and we are not sure about the treatment. i have researched a lot of available literature and am aware of the increased survival fo those who take the treatmet. she is very concerned about the side effects..nausea, hair loss, scalp irriation and etc. she is currently seeing a gastrologist due to sever esyphogus burn from her previous radiation treatment and has not yet recovered from that. she is will be 70 yrs old in oct. we are looking at quality vs quantity of life.  anyone who has been thru similar circumstances/treatment or know anyone who has your feedback and or experience would be greatly appreciated..thanks.


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    My coworkers husband was

    My coworkers husband was diagnosed with sclc-ltd in 2008. At that time he had pci.  He's had no progression, he drives and takes the boat out fishing regularly.  

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    My dad is 52 and had stage 3

    My dad is 52 and had stage 3 small cell luncg cancer (limited stage).  He was diagnosed in August and completed chemo and radiation to his chest in late Decemeber.  When offered the PCI, we immediately decided it was the best decision. He started the brain radiation in Feb of this year and finished in mid March.  He has been very sick on and off. He has some good weeks but he still has some weeks where he is as sick as he was during chemo.  Its hard to tell if its more from the chemo still or from the brain radiation.  I say this because he went into the radiation and i had no idea it would take as much out of him as it has.  I was more worried about his memory, which it has affected some (hes not able to remember little details about fixing things like he used to and he cant find words). I am still very hopeful that, with time, he will regain his normal life back and I wont have as much fear of the cancer returning in his brian.  Hope this helps some with a decision.  Good luck and God Bless!