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Life Will Change

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I was diagnosed last Monday with prostate cancer. My PSA was 4.4 and during my annual physical the doctor felt a hardened area and recommended a biopsy.   My Gleason scores were 9 9 9 9 9 8 7 and 6 (9s on left side).    I will have the MRI and bone scan Tuesday.  I think the shock has worn off and right now I am more anxious than fearful.  I'm suspecting with the high Gleason scores that there is a good chance the cancer is not contained within the prostate and that I am looking at a rough road ahead.  Not much more to say now.   

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Welcome to the board.  You do not mention your age.  And, I am very sorry that you too have joined our club.  My advice is to sit back and make no judgements for a while.  At this time you do not have enough information to understand what you have or how serious it is.  And, every case is different with different results.  You are going to need a lot of help, and there are people here who have seen it all.  Make sure YOU are in charge and not the doctors. You do not have to make any hurried decisions.  Due to fear and panic, many of us have rushed to decision too fast and have regretted it.

    It is not easy to look at this with any kind of optimism.  But, You definitely have some time left, and this time can be the most valuable of your life if you chose to look at it that way.  If you had had a fatal heart attack, you would have had no warning and no time left.  Now, you do have time left.  It is time that can be used to great advantage and this is the most valuable time of your life.

Without question, your life and thought processes will change.  They can change either way - one option is to create suffering for yourself and your loved ones.  The other olption is to create gratitude for the warning you have been given and the time you have left. But for the present, still the wandering mind, live in the moment, be grateful for this time you have.  There is much love and support for you.  Make the most of it.  love, Swami Rakendra

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Many treatment options are available to those with Gleason 9 scores. Let's wait for the scans and evaluate the situation at that time with the help, of course, of the medical profession.

In the meantime, try to relax. Easier written than done, I am sure...

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I am sorry for your diagnosis, and that you have to post at this site.

Here is a thread with reference to other threads that will provide informaton to you.  


What you have is treatable, however YOU need to make wise decision, so research.

We are here to answer questions that you might have.


H & O


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Thank you all for the hope and information.  Knowning that there are many others going through this process is beneficial, especially for the advice and knowledge you all possess.  I'm just trying to have a good weekend and on Tuesday, the MRI and bone scan.  Then the questions, fears and anxiety most likely will overcome me.  There is comfort knowing you will be there, as I will be there for you for continued support.  Till then...

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Make sure that the MRI will be using a T3 Magnet....this is the state of the art in clinical trial, and provides best definition.




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 Dear Newcomer,

 All of those of us on this discussion board have many things in common, but we also have situations that vary from person to person. Comparing experiences and supporting one another is helpful, and often it is uplifting.

 I can relate to your having to wait through a holiday weekend to get more answers. I had to wait through the Fourth of July, in 1991, to get a biopsy report. I did not get good news after that weekend. Thankfully, life has been good to me, inspite of, or perhaps becaue of, having and dealing with prostate cancer.

I like Rakendra's posting to you.

I also like your positive, realistic, point of view.

I extend words of encouragement.

Old-timer (Jerry)


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Welcome to the board.

Here you will receive a variety of answers to your queries. We do not substitute your prime physician or will not go against your wishes but will opinion based on our experiences and knowledge acquired along the years of our survivorship. It is up to you to decide in what to do. The comments have helped many even those that do not participate in the discussions but read the threads. The friendship among the faceless participants and their presence has given me tremendous comfort when I most needed it.

Gleason 9 relates to the group of high risk for difficult control but it may be treatable. You need to get the best in diagnosis and exams to decide and aim for the best treatment.

Age, symptoms, life style and other illnesses (existing or unknown) are all parameters to add when choosing or making a decision. Treatment risks and their side effects may impair the results and their impact in your quality of living are what may “Change in your Life”.
Read as much as you can and inquire before deciding. Just do not rush without knowing the facts.

Best wishes and luck.



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