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Hot Flashes

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Hi to all,

I have read that some people experience hot flashes as a symptom.  I am starting menapause and realize that causes them,  but I'm getting them EVERY DAY about 20+ times day.  It's starting to become disruptive too my life.  36 degrees last night and I had window open with a fan.  My husband is starting to get upset. I'm freezing him out. 

Any suggestions on how to cope till surgery? 


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Hi there, sorry you are dealing with the flashes.  Some people do get flashes but most of them happen at night, or more so at night.  I am wondering if you are really feeling more of the menopause. I can tell you, i am going through it also and one minute i need an a/c and the next i am freezing. I don't know exactly what the size of your tumor is or any details, but i am thinking maybe something at the vitamin shop can help deal with the flashes for the menopause.  Praying all goes well and you are feeling better real soon! Hugs!

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Looking back I also had severe hot flashes at night. After my nephrectomy they subsided somewhat. But they're baaaaaaaack. I originally blamed hormones, and now? I definitely blame the hormones!

Hope you are feeling cool as a cucumber soon!



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I can't remember any of those hot flashes.



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Hot Flashes,

Did you ever get any answers what causes them?

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Hubby got an extreme high temp every night until he had the nephrectomy. He found sitting outside in the breeze good for them... even in the rain a few times! Hope you feel better soon. Hugs Melissa

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i to had hot flashes , more at night . Had my open radical nephrectomy at the end of November. Stage III I've had my three months check up in March . The nodule in my lung is still the same size . I'm still having hot flashes . But there just in the center of my body and more on the side where the incision was made . My arms and feet are always cold . I've had my hormones check . Has anyone else experienced this ? 

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I had hot flashs for 2 months from the day I was diagnosed until I start recovering.... Now it's gone 6 weeks after the surgery... I believe it's normal... 

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Thanks to all for the info.  I've noticed when I get them,  both my arms,  face,and upset chest get very red.  Looks like sun burn.  I need to get fan for my desk at work they get so bad!  I feel like it goes from 70 to 100 then down to FREEZING during the faze.

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I started having hot flashes 1 1/2 months after a tumor was removed from my kidney. I have already been through menopause so I don't think that is it. I didn't have these the first month or so after surgery. I called the doctor still waiting to hear back. It's been 2 months and I can't wait till i feel normal again, I hope I get some answers. I also have cold feet and hands.


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Look how many responses to hot flashes.  Right at this very minute I feel like I'm melting down.  SHEWWW!!!!  The fan is on the a/c is on and its horrible to go through this all day and night. LOL  I was on hormone patches until a month ago when I got blood clot in my groin from hip surgery a few weeks earlier.  THe first thing to go was the patches.  wow am i paying for it now.   Im 59 years old, went thru menopause many years ago or so i thought.  My husbacd sees me sweating like this and says what is wrong with you?  Are you sick?   Oh well just keep the cool air blowing.!!!!

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I was having some terrible hot flashes before my diagnosis, never relized what was wrong I just thought it was after menopause flashes. Good thing I had a cat scan for another problem never thought I would here the word Cancer.

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I didn't have hot flashes of any kind. The Good Ship Menopause sailed long ago, with an instant surgical version in 2008 due to endometrial/uterine cancer. I was still cranking out hormones, though, enough to get hormonally charged breast cancer the same year as the kidney cancer in 2018. I think I had a few sweaty nights in 2008 after surgery, but nothing since. If anything, I get cold flashes at night.

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