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Clinical trials

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Hi ladies,


i'm seeking guidance and support and hope.. 

My mommy (60 years old), recently has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer T4N2, im sorry im not familiar with all medical terms. Basically she had uterus, ovarian cancer that grew fast, affected appendix.. they removed everything mentioned , plus 21 lymp nodes , with 8 being cancerous. Surgery went well, and there are no visible cancer, but of course a huge chance of still having cancer in the system.


Oncologist offered clinical trial ( A Randomized Phase II/III Study of Paclitaxel/Carboplatin/Metformin (NSC#91485) Versus Paclitaxel/Carboplatin/Placebo as Initial Therapy for Measurable Stage III or IVA, Stage IVB, or Recurrent Endometrial CanceR) 

not sure if its worth it. Yes , chemo is the only way to go, but participating in this trial scares me. Should we take part in it? 


I would love to hear opinions, personal experiences and whatnot. I'm looking for more time with my mommy, so not ready to let go, so scared, and if there is a chance of having her with us for another year or two, i will take it. 

*white female, 60 years of age, not overweight, relatively healthy, was diagnosed on March 30, surgery on april 17th ...of this year (2015). 

i pray, and hope and we will fight this monster...

Thank you so much




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I_believe, it always saddens me to see a new person on this Board, but you should know that you came to the right place to have your questions answered. There are women here who know so very much about uterine cancer and treatment. T 4 means that the cancer (Ca) has spread to the lining of the urinary bladder and / or bowel.  N 2 refers to Ca spreading to the lymph nodes. N 2 means that the Ca has spread to the para -aorta lymph nodes. Your mommy's doctor-hopefully a gynecologic oncologist- can explain this to you and your mommy. Her doctor can tell you what your mommy 's cancer stage and grade are. Stage refers to how far the cancer has spread and grade refers to how aggressive the cancer is growing.  A clinical trial may help treat a participant's cancer. These are blind studies and your mommy can be randonly assigned to a control group or an experimental group. Your mommy will not be told which group she will be assigned to in a clinical trial. On the plus side, your mommy will receive close medical monitoring and at least the "standard of care" if placed in the control group, that is paclitaxel/carboplatin /placebo group. If she is placed in the experimental group- the group who is receiving the paclitaxel/carboplatin/metformin- the researchers want to know if these 3 drugs are more effective in fighting cancer than just paclitaxel /carboplatin/ placebo. A placebo or a compound that has no medicine in it is used in place of the metformin. 

I hope this info helps. I wish only the best for you and your mommy.



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I have been on my cancer journey for two plus years now and have never been in remission.  I was Stage IIIC or IVB depending on whose opinion you read.  The course of my treatments would have been the same no matter what.  We have since learned I have some unique things going on so please don't let my story scare you.  

I met with a Principal Researcher and Clinician at USC to identify clinical trials that may be an option for me.  I like the idea of it.  You are very closely monitored and getting amazing healthcare; my oncologist is considered part of the team and others will benefit from my participation.  

In looking at your mom's trial at a minimum she will be getting the same chemo treatment many of us have had and the majority responded well to.  Ask lots of questions, keep detailed notes and remember that everything that happens physically is temporary.  Hair grows back, energy returns.  I have had some amazing experiences because of my cancer and for that I am grateful.  

Hugs!  Keeping you both in my prayers.  Anne

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everything is happening so fast, and im reading a lot and understanding more and more, and thank you fot support and answers. 

So, yes, mom had cancer on the tissue lining of her bladder, tissue was removed and they say so far bladder is cancer free. I' m honestly trying to grab any possibility for having a better chance...

--Not being on a clinical trial, will chemo still consist of same toxins, minus metformin, or would it just be something else all together?


--also, what questions to ask?


thank you, 



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yes her doctors explained staging and her case, what was done during surgery and where its all going. We are still meeting the oncologist ( who did surgery) on the 15th and i want to be prepared. She met with another oncologist, who knew nothing about whats going on. i wasnt there, so cant judge, but mom didnt like it much. 

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