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Waiting On Biopsy Results

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On Apr. 16th I posted remarks and questions about my biopsy scheduled for the next day. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be......I was given a few injections of Lidocane (spel?). A total of 20 cores were taken. Before the ultrasound and biopsy, the doctor showed me how they mapped out ten areas in each lobe and would match up the cores with each spicific area.

The couple bumps on my prostate that my doctor had termed as "highly suspicious" turned out to be "calcification deposits"....has anyone heard of these? He showed me the images of the ultrasound and pointed out additional areas of this "calcification". I didn't ask if any areas looked like cancer as I figured he wouldn't have told me anyway without the biopsy results.

The main problem I now have is I won't get the results until May 6th! Not that it was going to take the pathologist that long but my urologist didn't have an appointment opening til then....I can't believe they would let someone have to go nearly three weeks to hear the results! Other than PSA does anyone know of other levels in one's blood work that would indicate the presence of cancer? Needless to say I'm anxious to find out the biopsy results and would like to know if there is anything else I can do other than wait!




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That is an agonizing situation. I too would want to know. Do you have any avenue to get a message to the doctor? Talk with your doctor's nurse or assistant or your primary care physician. Describe your anxiety level. Ask if it is possible to get a report without waiting for the scheduled appointment. Be pleasant, polite, non threathening. Either do this, or put worries aside and wait patiently.

Should you choose to wait, or be required to wait, be as calm as possible, relax. Anticipate that the report will bring good news.

Hope this thought is helpful. Good luck.

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As far as I am aware of, calcifications in the prostate (prostatic calculi) are common. It becomes a problem when these accumulate and cause prostatitis (infections). Pain from calculi is not common but the infection could become nasty and painful. The effects in having calculi are similar to BPH which could be thought as the reason forthe saw-like curve in your PSA histology.

The worrisome “bumps” identified in the DRE (that led you to the biopsy) are now judged to be calculi. Therefore, your urologist may think your case to be negative to cancer, even without the biopsy results in hand (a separate pathologist is doing the analysis). I would recommend you to wait for the results instead of being so anxious. Go for an holiday break.

It is thought that calculi formation has something to do with the chemistry of our bodies (metabolic problem). Similarly with kidney stones, food intake and sort of unbalanced mineralization (lack of magnesium) in our system may lead to secretion more propitious to accumulate. The prostatic calculi seem to be made up from refluxed PS during ejaculation (orgasm) “mixed up” with debris. Fortunately to men the thickened mass can grow to become much like a pearl in an oyster which could have some value in the jewellery business. The problem is that one would only manage to get the “pearl” in hand through a prostatectomy.
Calculi can be identified via an ultrasound and it can be expelled (chip off) via painful rectal massage of the prostate. Differently from a kidney stone, there is no supplement or medication to dissolve or breakup this sort of calcification.

I think it better for you to continue your story in the same thread in here;




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Thank you very much Old-Timer & VG for your replies.

I have the name of the pathology lab doing my biopsy analysis and on their website each doctor is listed with their bio info. I may go to them to see if I can find out whcih pathologist will be doing my biopsy report. I'll probably leave it at that and just wait for May 6th as I don't want to undermine my doctor/patient relationhip with the urologist.

VG, the info you gave me about calculi was extremely helpful! It does ease my anxiety as it was these bumps that made the urologist adament about doing a biopsy. I like your analogy about the pearl in an oyster.....I used to be in the jewelry business and one of my G.I.A. courses was about pearls and their formation.

Thanks again,


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Get another urologist !!!!

You should have the results in a week!  A pathologist needs to look at the biopsy test and grade it.

That doesn't take long. 

You have to take control of your your diagnosis and solution !  Others don't have your concerns.

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Butch, welcome to the forum as a new member BUT you really should look at the date of the thread before commenting. 

Like this one, I note that you have been responding to some very old threads which are long past "stale" by OPs (original posters) who may no longer be on this forum.  In this case specifically, the thread was started in April 2015 and the OP has never returned to the forum since then.

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