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Brother has passed

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It is with a saddned heart that I'm letting you know that my brother passed today.  Yesterday my older brother called very early morning and said the doctor had said to call the family in.  Being out of town we were planning on today, but glad we made it in yesterday.  His daughter just drove in from Texas but they said she had time but she felt the need to be there so she came in anyway.  Yesterday all his kids were there, my dad, myself, his wife.  I'm so fortunate that my heart said go instead of waiting just a measly 24 hours.  This morning hospice said he wasn't responding to touch, but they did ask him two very simple questions.  One "do you see your mom" and he answered yes (or nodded yes) to the second question, "do you see Jesus" and he answered yes.  For those that believe - this is profound.  For those that don't - you shouldn't fear dying as he seemed so peaceful, I was told, by answering so just hold on to whatever belief you have.  My heart is aching, but my love for all of you continues as you struggle in this terrible disease.  My brother found out at Thanksgiving and didn't have much time until now.  I'm glad for all of you - my extended family.  Please keep us all in prayer, good vibes and thougts through this terrible ordeal.  You all are in my prayers daily.

I've not been active on this board as I'm from colorectal board but did post back in January and do thank you for your posts from then. 

You are all in my thoughts and prayers always.  Please know that your journey is and always will be now a part of me because of my brother.

Hugs! Kim

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Kathy G.
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I am from the uterine board, but have been trolling here since my stepson got diagnosed with lung cancer.

You have my deepest sympathies on the death of your brother. It appears his time from diagnosis to death was very short!

It is amazing how your gut can help you make the right decisions, and I absolutely loved reading about the hospice nurse asking your brother if he saw your mom and Jesus. My mom's death in 09 was a testament to me that God is around us at all times. She waited until we had left for the evening, and my brothers went to bed (where she was living,) and then called out she was going to meet Jesus and tried to get out of bed to greet him. The nurse's aide told her she needed to lie back down, she turned to her & said 'tell my children I love them very much, and she passed. She had been lucid all thru her illness and on the day she died. We had been confident she would make it through the night or we would not have left/gone to bed. I really think she didn't want any of us to see her pass.

Despite the overwhelming loss I am comforted that she is indeed safe in Heaven with God, my dad, her parents and other close relatives.

I wish you the same comfort.


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What a beautiful testament to your mother's passing from earth.  I'm sure that your loved one does make the decision to leave when they don't want others to see them leave.  My mom new that I'd arrive home to see her at anytime (me living out of town), but she passed 15 minutes before arriving.  I'm sure she didn't want me to see that as well.  My sympathies to you as well.  Thank you for your response.


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So very sorry for your loss.  I hope that you find comfort in the company of you family and your memories of better days.  

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jim and i
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God's comfort and peace to you.


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