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New to the cancer world.

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Hi gang, my name is Jo. A few months back I had a kidney stone and went to the er. They found a 3.5 cm tumor on top of my left kidney. On the 24th of march the Dr went in and removed the tumor and some of my kidney. It was done laposcopically with the robotics. Since surgery I have had a tough time. I was suppose to be in the hospital for only 3 days but ended up staying 3 extra. Since I got home I have had little pain. But the pain med was giving me horrible nightmares. I went to Tylenol and things improved a little. Prob is I feel so weak and foggy. I just want to feel normal again! My biggest concern is I am passing small blood clots in my urine. Sometimes there is no blood and sometimes there seems to be a lot. It's fresh blood. My urine is a light shade of orange but when I while it seems like a lot. Any suggestions? Hugs jo

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Hi Jo!

I am Jojo! Are we related? LOL

Welcome to our forum. I am sorry for what you have been through.

I had a complete nephrectomy so I don't know that much about partials....however the blood clot thing doesn't sound good. (this might be normal for partials - others on this forum will hopefully chime in with their knowledge/experience). When you left the hospital, did they give you instructions or expectations? It wouldln't hurt to call your surgeon to see what his advice is.

I hope you are feeling better soon!



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Thanks Jojo!! Its not bolld clots just fresh blood when I wipe and It looks like menstraul blood to me but I haven't 

Had a period for almost two years. (I am 52) but I dont spot in between going to the bathroom. Thanks for 

Checking in!

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Hi Jo, so sorry you had to join our club but you'll get a lot of help and support here. I had a partial and never passed blood in my urine. At least not visible blood. I would definitely have it checked. It does not sound like it's par for the course. Plus you could end up anemic from losing blood on a daily basis. See your surgeon as soon as possible.

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Hi and welcome. 

I would definately go get checked right away, blood is usually something to get checked as soon as possible. Orange urine is also cause for concern, please get to the doctor as soon as possible to rule out anything. 

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So many people on here start their stories with. 'It was all normal then I started peeing blood'. Its not a good sign. Sorry. Contact a trusted healh care professional immediately. It could be nothing, but if you do start peeing clots you'll regret it.

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I had a partial a year ago (open).  I too had pain med problems that caused me to stay longer in the hospital, but were instantly cleared up when taken off the narcotics.

As for peeing blood - that just doesn't sound right to me.  I guess I would call and get in to see a Dr. asap.  As people have said, could be nothing... and wouldn't you want to know that as soon as you can?

Hoping the best for you! 

Hugs, Laurie

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Dr suggested I insert a tampon and low and behold the bleeding has not been present since I did. Settled in my chair no pain just enjoying family! Thanks for all your help. I wouldn't have called the Dr without your encouragement!

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Enjoy the family! Perhaps follow up with OB at a later time if it does't resolve, maybe they can figure out why the sudden bleeding. Have a good day. 

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better Jo.

For everyone else, I want to point out that having lap surgery doesn't guarantee an easier recovery. Think less about lap vs. open nephrectomy procedure and concentrate on a healthy future.

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I had a radical neph so I didn't have a torn up kidney to pee blood out of... but I would assume that there is still some damage that needs to heal in the kidney itself before it is 100%... I believe I remember reading that light blood in the urine for a couple weeks after the partial neph is normal.  Mine was robotic as well and was supposed to be a partial before the doctor discovered I had an extra artery that he was afraid may rupture during surgery.  So I did a fair amount of research before the procedure.  

If you are peeing more blood then you're comfortable with or if it seems to get worse with time and not better, you should call the surgical team.  They probably gave you discharge papers with their number?  I called mine twice in the 2 weeks following the surgery; once because I had a huge bruise on my flank from under my armpit down beyond my butt and the second because I was running a low grade fever for longer than I was comfortable with...  

They are very used to people calling to ask questions; don't hesitate to do it.  I actually took pictures of my bruise and e-mailed them to the doctors... 21st century!  But don't feel self conscious about asking the pros... they're making enough money off of your surgery haha!

Hope it clears up.

- Jay  

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Welcome to the club which no one in their right mind would volunteer to join. Sorry your initiation turned out harder than most. At 3.5 cm you should be good for the long haul. Definately check out those blood issues with the doctors as it is above my pay grade.




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I had robotic partial of right kidney  and you are going to feel weak for awhile to come yet.  You just had major surgery.  As for the blood I never had any afterwards.I would still see doc as soon as you can, even tho the blood has stopped for now.  I know the kidney is very vascular(contains a lot of blood) and my surgeon told me that during surgery he has 15 minutes to remove tumor as he has to clamp major artery off to kidney and get it sutured back and clamp off.  Not trying to scare you at all but you really need to see doc over this issue.You coud have a small little area bleeding.  Be careful and not lifting much at all til  this is resolved. 

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Ok, I'm very confused now. Doctor told you to use a tampon and you've been fine since. So I assume since you're using a tampon, it's vaginal bleeding and not blood in your unrine, correct?

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