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Scan Day - Nervous

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As the rest of you can appreciate I had my scan day yesteray and I am about to leave to get the results.  I am obviously very nervous and fearful of what I might be told.  I assume this is common.  I am an eternally optimistic person by nature and see the bright side of every situation, but my nerves are not the best at the moment.  I have been experiencing a tad bit more pain in my back than normal and I am more stiff in my back when getting out of bed.  I find that a pain pill helps get me going by easing my pain and stiffness.  I'd sure take the word that I am becoming addicted to my pain meds over what the Doctor might potentially tell me.


God Bless You All and hope you are fighting the good fight every day!




I am alive
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this is why I knit!!  A magnificent diversion in the doc's office while waiting, waiting, waiting to hear what's what. Let us know how things went.  Sending light.

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I never consciously get nervous. But as I approach a scan i dream of prison cells and doorless rooms with no way out.

I am alive
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When first diagnosed I felt like I was trapped on a train that was going somewhere I didn't want to go.......but I couldn't get off! Now I don't get that feeling much anymore. Now the stress and the fear and the forced intimacy with the Great Unknown is just the stuff of every day life. Train? What train?

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Keeping fingers crossed that scan results will be good. I also hate the anxiety that goes along with the waiting.

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I'm praying for a great CT result.may you find strength for the remaining time before having the result and then find a better result above all your dreams. Forough

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OH, Tom, I sure feel for you and glad you came here to share your fears/news with us.

We're here for you buddy! Always..for as long as you need us to be.

Can you take either a muscle relaxant and/or something like Gabapentin/Neurontin for nerve pain?

Just a thought..  I take both now.

Let us know what you need, sending healing thoughts. Do you know the serenity prayer? Help me accept the things I cannot change and change the things I can, with the wisdom to know the difference. (I am paraphrasing as my memory stinks LOL).

Gentle hugs, and prayers,


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Hoping you hear only good news today - and always, Tom!

Keep us posted!



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Today I seen the Dr,

He gave me a clean bill of health, no tumors and creatinine was good . Have to have a US on my bladder and kidney next week. keep having pains in left side , had right kidney removed  a yr ago . stage 1b furman 1 I feel good other than that. Hope everyone doing ok on here.

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If any one needs help with the history of the Roman Republic I'm probably your man.

But what the hell is Creatinine? Mine's good apparently. 

I should probably point out that when I first arrived in the USof A I was told I had a small copay. I did not know whether it was fatal or a small colonial rodent. Or both

So if anyone could explain in words of one syllable or less...

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It sure is a pressure like no other.  I've only had one 6-month scan so far and didn't really expect much but still; it seems to put you into a state of heightened awareness that frays your nerves.  

If it's any consolation, I've been experiencing pretty bad back pains myself.  I just went back to work after open gallbladder surgery and the upper back started on me almost immediately.  It had gone away while I was recovering.  I think the back pain is coming from my abdomen.  Seriously.  I've had 2 major abdominal surgeries in 6 months, there are going to be some consequences and we have to build our strength back up.  I recommend trying some light exercises in whatever area of your back is hurting and work your way up, trying to rebuild the muscles.  If the pain doesn't get better or gets worse, then you may have reason to have a doctor look into it.  

Other than that, good luck with the scans and let us know.

- Jay 

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Tom, Did you get the result?

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