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low fiber/residue diet

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My current plan of action is to avoid surgery until after I can finish another round of chemo and then portal vein embolization, so about another 6-8 weeks. After that time I would have surgery on both the colon and liver.  I have had one bowel obstruction and am a good candidate for another.  If I do obstruct again they are going to want to move forward with the colon surgery.  I am now on a low residue diet.

I am looking for food suggetions.  It seems like healthy foods are almost off the table as you have to aviod the fiber. You have to eat highly processed foods.  My list of allowed foods actually includes Cheetos.  I like cheetos.


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I used this diet from the Mayo Clinic when I needed to go on a low residue diet last month:



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My cancer is in the small intestine and resulted in an almost complete blockage of the small intestine.  In the weeks leading up to surgery, I too was on a low residue diet.  You're right - nothing bulky, fiber, seeds, nuts, etc.  My options were pretty bland but kept me safe.  I was also told to cut all my food very small and chew it extremely well.  It would take me an hour to eat dinner, but again, I managed to be safe.

Eggs - fried, scrambled, whatever.  No veggies or cheese in them though.

Toast - white toast only and just one piece a day

Chicken - about half a breast cut VERY small

Broiled fish - cut VERY small

Potatoes - shredded like hashbrown, just a few, chewed very well (no skin!)

Applesauce (in small quantities)


Broth - no noodles, veggies, or cream soups

Clear juice with no pulp

Lots and lots of water


Honestly, it wasn't nearly enough calories and I lost a lot of weight.  Carnation Instant Breakfast was a miracle for getting some extra calories and nutrition.  Ensure and Boost are good too, though the taste is pretty sucky.

Best of luck to you!

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From Sloan Kettering, they gave me a pamphlet with it, or just about the same.  Normally I eat a lot of fresh vegatables and other food normally considered good.  No whole wheat bread.  What?!?


On the canned vegatable side the ones that were not sliced as much (such as green beans whole) seemed to taste better.  Made some infused water (well my wife did :) ) which is good, breaks things up a bit and I find the juices can get too sweet quickly.  Also cutting them with water seemed to work on the juice.  Spoke to the nutritionist and using lemon or lime for the taste (without the pulp and the rest) was okay for the water.  Also herbal teas had no limit (as compared to caffeine drinks) so some brewed cold herbal teas worked well.



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