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And, now we wait...

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my husband will get scans today; they were scheduled for May but moved up at our request since he's experiencing discomfort in an area that had been noted last August on a bone scan

the CT scans in August and December did not note it but now he does have discomfort

his onc mentioned maybe starting xgeva but we want to wait a bit longer to see what the reality of his spine mets.

it may be that he will need it but again, we simply don't know. if this area lights up, it will be more cyber

of course we are concerned about other areas that could show up

this seems trivial compared to what others are going through

please keep him in your thoughts 


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Sorry for what YOU and YOUR hubby are going through. Nothing is trivial when its your stressor.

Glad you came to us. Just know that I will personally be thinking of you and the others on here.

Keep us informed. We'll walk along side you on this, if you want us too.

Warmly, Jan

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you are one of the kindest people here and I am grateful for your words


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Nothing is trivial once you arrive here. Good luck

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Hi Sarah,

Best wishes on your husbands scans today.

I am a bit surprised that your husband is not on a bone agent.  Do you mind sharing what your oncologist's view on this is, and perhaps yours?  I thought it was just a "given" that once a person has bone mets the standard treatment is xgeva or zometa.

Thank you


Edit:  Sarah.  You and I already talked about xgeva and zometa on another thread you posted.  (Being Proactive and thensome).   Just wondering if anything has changed.



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Best wishes for your husband's scan. And I agree with everyone: nothing is trivial once you're on this board.

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Sarah, Good luck. Maybe they will just tell your husband that he is getting old. Stay positive. It really is helpful. Fox.

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