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Another NED for today

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Hello everyone,

my turn to share good news. My fiance had his 3 months follow up today. Ultrasound is clear, blood work is perfect except for slight liver enzymes elevation (due to hepatitis C). And last chest x-ray he had was about a month ago - he had pneumonia, but no mets :-)


So far so good! Next check is in 6 months, ultrasound, bloodwork, chest x-ray.

Jason said today that his follow-up also consisted of ultrasounds. I wonder if no CT scans are assigned now for Stage 1 with low grades?

My fiance asked doc about CT scan, he said "maybe in the future". Like smth "nice to have", but not compulsory.

Time to celebrate, but unfortunately I'm pregnant and can't have as much martini or vine as I'd like to :-)




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Nice,I am happy to hear your fiance is well.My CT scan was early morning today at 8 am,I am NED (had CT for chest and abdomen).So far so good as you said,I was very nervouse before scann,now I am relaxed.My next chek is going to be after   6 month,but I've  planned meanwhile MRI after  3 month.I'm going to do it on my own initiative.

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Happy pants dance!

Delighted for the both of you

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Great news!  My doctor told me that with low stage cancer, at this particular hospital (Jefferson in Philly), they take a two step approach to CT scanning... they do ultrasound, x-rays and blood work and if any of them are out of whack they order a CT scan.  To me, that's sufficient.  CTs use a lot of radiation and, to be honest, I'm not really looking forward to that.  I'd much prefer the MRI machine even though I know the doctors prefer CT over it.  Oh, well.  I know that the big guns are needed for those who have more advanced disease so I'm ok with the plan.

- Jay

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Celebrations all around! So happy to hear these good reports!! Mine is next month....let's hope it continues for everyone!



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Thank you so much!

Kuzman, congrats on NED! And Jojo, I'm sure you'll be fine, and keep my fingers crossed for you.

Ok then, if doctors in other countries stick to ultrasound for early stages - then it should be fine for us too.

lets keep the NED going! :-)

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Kuzman & allochka, congratulations, it't always great to hear such wonderful news, may you both have NED reports in next years, JoJo it's your turn, we're waiting for your good news, Forough

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So wonderful to hear good news! 

And congrats with your pregnancy too!!

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Excellent news!! Thank you for letting us know, and let's hope the good news keeping coming!

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Today is obviously good news day. Well done, thanks for letting us know. Congratulations on the pregnancy too.

butterfly wings
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Congratulations guys on the Ned.  My new favourite word.  May we all be ned heads for many years to come.


How's the pregnancy going.  The end stages are always hard but so worth it.  I've 3 kids and they are my world.  My eldest is completely sports nuts and I watch her at various matches and competitions every weekend. My heart bursts with pride everyone I look at her.  Do you know what you are having.  It was never common here to find out the baby's sex and I never knew on mine.  I loved the surprise and boy did I get one on the last.....I was full sure he was a she

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Thank you! I love the word NED too, both in my family and when others report it :-)

We are having a girl :-) I'm in the last trimester, and hope so much this time everything will be OK. We have some infertility years and 2 unsuccesfull pregnancies behind. Can't say that we were totally unhappy without a kid and that life was sad and empty due to all that, no.  We were very happy and enjoyed each other. But we've always wanted a kid anyway and now we are filled with excitement and joy :-) we are expecting her in May, I can't wait :-)

butterfly wings
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Ah a baby girl.  My first was a girl too.....a precious gift.  

Such an exciting time.  

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