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1st Follow-up Ct

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Having my first CT since surgery 6 months ago tomorrow. Wasn't anxious but it got me tonight! I can't sleep a feel like all those little issues i have will lit up on that scan tomorrow. Also bothered that i'll only receive the results in beginning of April, isn't that long?


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Sending good karma for your results. I know in the states they are required to give us records when we ask. I don't know what the Canadian rules are in this regard.



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I fully understand how you feel. My fiance's first follow-up is next week, and I'm starting to freak out...

I'll keep fingers crossed for you, please let us know the results. Wishing you NED with all my heart!

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Dave, I know how it feels to have first CT, mine was three months ago, and I was terrified and stressed especially in last week but the moment i got the result every thing changed for the best, all happiness came directly to my heart and I laughed to any joke no matter how funny that was or wasn't :) I've heard that we will have scanxiety for the rest of our lives but the first one is the worst one. I wish you relaxing and not stressful scan day and more importantly wonderful result. Wishing you NED for all next years to come, Forough

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Dave, wishing you the very best results. I know the feeling also. My one year follow up is on the 24th and I'm already a nervous wreck, lol.

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Hoping that all goes well on your scan.  I have my first 3 month follow up scans next Friday and the anxiety is starting to set in.

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