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When to have another PET after treatment

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My husband has nonsmall cell squamous cell lung cancer -- a pancoast tumor.  He has completed 5 weeks of radiation concurrent with 2 chemo cycles of Cisplatin and Etopside.  His oncologist wants him to see a thoracic surgeon and also have a new PET scan.  The oncologist said to have the scan in a week or 2, but everything I have read says to wait 4 - 6 weeks.  When I asked him about this he was kind of wishy washy and said that we could wait 4 weeks if we want to.  I'm wondering how long others have waited to have the repeat PET scan following treatment.

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While my husband's first cancer was laryngeal cancer, he then developed a second primary and spread to his lungs.  After his first round of radiation, they only waited 4 weeks and we got a false report.  It said the tumor was gone in his larynx, but two months after that we found out that the tumor was still there and had grown.  We were then referred to a head and neck specialist who after another PET Scan said that the radiation and chemo did not get the tumor, that the PET Scan earlier was too early and surgery followed.

It seems that every doctor has a different opinion.  I know that radiation causes a lot of swelling and scarring to the tissues in the area of the radiation.  You need to find a specialist, and someone who you trust, and who have experience with your husband's type of cancer.  Something I wish we had done the first time around.

Wishing you peace and comfort.

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