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Hi Everyone, 

wel  life has been very interesting this last month. I haven't been really on the forum much. The phlabitis  I ended up with is still in both of my arms but not as bad. The swelling has gone down within the last week, I have surely been relieved to see that. My oncologist did a ultrasound on them last week  so I don't know what he's going to say when I go in for my last Rituxan , Bendamustine , and Neulasta treatment.  I'm actually very nervous that it's going to cause a problem or backup or cause me to have some sort of blood clot or something. My mind is actually my worst enemy lot of times , so I'm just trying to stay positive.  I am closer to just dealing with maintenance rituxen every two months for two years.  

Can't wait to be healthy and strong and I'm very close to that 5th wheel.  I can smell my future campfires already . 


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Hello, dear GG. . .

I hope your arms are better from your phlebitis and that your ultrasound turned out good.

I know what you mean about the mind being our worst enemy. I feel like I am constantly battling mine. There is a woman (breast cancer survivor) who posts regularly at the Expressions Gallery and recently said, Cancer becomes a lens through which the world appears, including any bodily oddities. I thought that was an excellent way of putting it.

Much love,



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