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Interesting - well, for me at least.

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So, I haven't been on the forum much these past weeks, and I began to wonder why.  I put on my thinking cap, looked back at my forum activity and realized that a pattern was forming.  

When I am gearing up for a scan, it seems that I find it hard to read the sad forum posts, so I just stay away. I don't exactly suffer from scanxiety, but I guess I just don't want to see bad things happening to others as I know I am no more worthy of being blessed with good things than they are. 

Am I making sense? 

Saying that, I do notice that there have been allot of positive posts, which makes me spinning man happy .

I had my CT Scan on Monday and blood draw today, and will get the results next Wednesday. So watch out, I'll be all over the forum like a rash next Thursday. HA! 

Really, I love this place, even though we see so many of our friends suffer and pass. I have recieved so much strength that I just want to stay around. 

Anyway, do any of you find that you have a hard time around Scan and result time? 

Sue - Trubrit

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Your post really hit home with me. I did notice that you haven't been posting as much lately and wondered why. Now I understand. I am the same way. I tend to stay away from the forums around scan time for the same reasons as you although it is more of a conscience decision for me. I will pray that you have good results.

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I feel anxious as well around scan time and even for my blood draws every three weeks now that my CEA has been slowly climbing for the past three draws.  I couldn't imagine waiting a week for the results, that would drive me nuts.  My oncology center has online records.  Most of the blood and urine work is posted same day, but the CEA shows up at the end of the next day with the rest of the outsourced tests.  Scan result reports typically show up in two days.  I find myself going there and checking every hour on the second day to read the news.

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I hope your scans come back clear.


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The trick to waiting for resultsis to just assume that all will be the way you want!!!  Then there is no reason to worry.  And the results will be whatever they are even if you don't worry.

Good Luck!!!

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Sue! I too am sometimes overwhelmed by the sadness I read here but I'm also inspired and encouraged by the good stories and positive outcomes that happen as well. I never hesitate to give encouragement because it's been given to me so generously by the people here. I also am inspired by the long term survivors and I feel an obligation to do the same if I'm lucky enough to be one. It's a bittersweet place and a bit of a rollercoaster too, just like cancer I guess. But I know what you mean, it's sometimes too much because these are real people suffering and real people dying, not just people but friends who have become a virtual family. It helps me somehow to support and help my fellow survivors when I can and no matter how much time any of us have left I think that's not such a bad thing to do. Glad you're back posting more : )


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I've always felt the same way.  When I'm stressed this is the last place I'd want to be looking for posts because you never know if some are going to be "not so happy".  Wishing you the best outcome and praying for great results.

Hugs!  Kim

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My prayers and my thoughts are never far from the board but I sometimes forget to check in. I'm not sure the reason but I'm certain it's always with me. I'm going next month for my first scan since surgery. I'm nervous and anxious yet somehow looking forward to hearing the test results. Theres a little more security than just hearing them say NED. I have everyone on my prayer list. I'm always a message away. I do admit that I answer my Facebook sooner. If anyone would like my Facebook information, please PM me.  In the meantime, good or bad news I want to be supportive.





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Sue, saying A prayer for you tonight. For positive results!

Also sending you a big virtual hug.

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I have refused to wait more than a couple of days for any results.  The moment the lab/radiologist reports are available I'm getting them in person.  I've done this since my diagnosis as I don't like being in limbo for days to a week.  I also prefer to be able to know if there are any areas of concern before meeting with my oncologist; as many people here can attest the real effects of shock on your ability to think cohesively.  I've only had one appointment with my oncologist where he gave me the results of my scan and that's because the appointment was the day after my scan.

I had my 2 year follow up last month and I got the scan results a few hours after the doing the scan without a STAT order.  I really think many of you should explore the option of getting your scan results earlier if you so choose.  Many radiology departments will typically have the report done the next day.  To me putting one's self through all the mental anguish by waiting a week is just unnecessary.

Fight for my love
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Sue, that is very normal. I have scanxiety very badly all the time, although it is the scan for my husband. We have our own moment to deal with our own feelings and issues. Thank you for being here and supportive. That means a lot to me.

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I don't mind waiting a week, in fact last CT Scan, I went off on vacation right after getting my scan, and really only thought about the results a few times. 

I chose to wait a week. I could have asked for my CT Scan to be expidited and gone to see the Doc the follwing day, which would have saved me a ton of money, as its a 360 mile trip for me.  I've done that before. 

This way I figure, if anything is wrong, I've had an extra week of fun  . HA! 

And I have gone down to the hospital for my CEA results before, and found that I prefer to hear it from the Doctor. I actually videod myself (I keep a video blog) looking at the results when my CEA had jumped to 19.6. I went white. And since that, I just wait to see the Doctor and then he can tell me. 

Yeah, I'm odd .

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I'll be thinking of you and hoping that all goes well.

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I think you're going twice to go to the Cheesecake Factory........

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It didn't take you long to figure me out, Yolanda.  I'd love for you to join me again. Didn't we have fun!



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do it again. When it warms up come west to the beach. We have beach chairs with your name in them!


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Sue it is interesting.....honestly.....the way we all ebb and flow around the forum.  I wish only the very possible news for you. 

I am part of the very antiquated test then wait system....must be Canadian public health system but I would never dream of asking asking for results before the system pumped them out....one two weeksLaughing or maybe this is a rural thing because we live in quite a small city. that being said ......when I am testing I like to come here.....I like to Leeeeean on people because I know pretty much that they are the only people who will GET IT. A propos of nothing the thing that riles me with the forum  happens when someone lands and thinks they are going to control and direct the whole thing.....not mentioning any names....haha....but when that power struggle starts I tend to tune out and retreat.....

all the very best to you dear girl......have many hugs.....mags

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