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The surgeon did a VATS test and it was confirmed the cancer has entered my lungs.  MY wife and I were some how holding out for a good report and that the doctors dianosis was a mistake but that was not to happend so the treatment begins.  We meet back with the oncologist in a few days to begin discussing options, he wants my inciscions to heal  a little.  On a side note that VATs test wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, not that it was pleasant either but all and all I came through it fine I am still sore and breathing is difficult at times, but I figure in a couple of more days I will be back to normal.




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What does that mean? Did they take a biopsy of some tissue using VATS and then figure out from the pathology of the biopsy that it is RCC?

Sorry to hear. I hope they caught it early and the medication will help. From my understanding some of the drugs work really well on the lungs.


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Yes they took a biopsy and tested it and it is metastic RCC.  I don't know what is considered early detection, I will find out next week when I meet with the Doc, I do know I now have six tumors on my lungs at the last check.  One (the largest) is inside my lung and measures about 2 cms it and four others grew in a three month period.  



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Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear that it is confirmed that your RCC has metasticized to your lungs. I haven't had any mets (fingers crossed) but a lot of people here have. I know a lot of them have had the cyberknife procedure done - quite successfully! I know every case is so different, but I am hoping that your appointment goes well.

Keep us posted how you are doing, and what the plan is.

Thinking about you.



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