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Short lived freedom

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I am back in the hospital again!   ugh.   Laurie checked me in to a local hospital because of my andominal pain.


Our local hospital delcaires I have a colon blockage, like we have suspected for the past 4 hospital visits. They then tell us they are out of their league in dealing with this and transfer us back to Shea Medical Center in Scottsdale. We see the top surgeon here tomorrow.  We spoke t the weekend emergency surgeon this morning.  Not even for a million dollar dare would we allow him to do surgery on me!


We will have more info in the morning.  


On the positive, our friend made a terrific dinner for us. I did some of the chopping, then I had to lay down.  He kept asking questions and everything turned out great!  A few freinds over for dinner and a great time for all.  He made a Cheesecake and Pumpkin pies for desert!


He is house watching and dog sitting for us know.  We may ask him to live with us for free rent.  It may make life easier for us.  Having a young person in the house could be fun, as long as we do not become the parents.  We want to be an example to him (to grow up), not responsibile for him.


Best ALways,   mike 

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I'm sorry you're back in the hospital Mike. My brother has esophageal cancer and had a blockage. They didn't know what to do as he's not well enough for surgery. Finally, a doctor came in and used his hands to manipulate his abdomen and got it unkinked or whatever was going on with it. I don't know how often they're able to do something like that but maybe that would work for you. Take care and best of luck.


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I do really, really, really hope that they can get you fixed up this time. Honestly, can't they just get in there and get it right. 

You are in my prayers. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. I hope its a distraction for you to post here. 

Cyber hugs!

Sue - Trubrit

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Again?, is all I'm able to say.  I'm so sorry you are going through yet another hurdle.  Hoping that this head doctor can make some sound decisions for you to get you back on the mend soon.  It's a good idea for the helper to stay with you especially while trying to regain some of your strength, but understand you don't want to be a parent or the responsibility of it.  Hoping you get some good answers very soon. 


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It seems like the hospital puts more weight on our Oncologist's decision then the Surgeon's opinion.   I asked this morning if we need to fire the Oncologist, whom do we speak to?  In other words, he should not be in the way of me having a life saving surgery!  

Apparantly the Oncologist has had a major say in my treatment.  He believes some how if I could just squeak one more chemo treatment in that my tumor would shrink enough for me to get better!   What a fool!  

I told the Surgeon, Hospitalist, and the Nursing staff, I can not and will not do chemo until my body can absorb nutrition on it's own. The nurses told me I may be moved down to oncology because they want to do chemo on me.  I asked if I need to speak to an administrator to fire my Oncologist?  This way he is out of the deciision making and maybe I can get the surgery I need!


Hopefully tomorrow I can get some resolve on this nightmare for me.

Best Always,  mike


PS  I never knew that one Doctor could hold up my treatment!  

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So sorry to hear Doctors have done nothing about this blockage.  George had a blockage  due to Radiation scar tissue & a dead tumor.  We decided it was time for him to get an  Ostomey.  This is your life, a blockage is dangerous.  You don't know what the blockage is. Chemo may not work.  Keeping you in our prayers.

George & Diane 




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You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Thank Goodness you can advocate for yourself.  It's a shame when the doctor's are so hung up on their own power that they cannot be a part of the team



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Mike, I am so sorry to hear about your experiences, it's really an outrage that the oncologist would get in the way of your wishes like this. I hope that you have had better luck dealing with the hospital team. I know too many stories of patients, both for cancer and other issues suffering disastrous results due to mistakes and bad decision-making on the part of the medical team. Doctors save lives and help a lot of people, so mistakes and bad calls are sometimes going to happen, but when you no longer trust your doctor's advice your health shouldn't be constrained by his preferences.

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Get that surgery and tell the oncologist he no longer works for you.  You are driving the bus on this, your life!  You can't keep having obstructions without a fix.  I'm surprised they would want to keep doing chemo with the other issues you're having.  I'm sorry you are having to battle all these people besides cancer.

Keep us posted on what I hope is a success story.


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Do I need to come up there and kick some A$$? Remember , I am close by and wearing boots.

Seriously, I hope they get this straightened out.

If you or Laurie need  ANYTHING, please let me know.



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Thank You!    You have been in our minds as of late.  Knowing we have a abck up plan is comforting.   I am in Shea Med and it looks like they are going to start planning for a surgery!  It is not that I really want a surgery, it is that I do not think  I have another option.   We were talking with them this afternoon for an exploratory surgery for posible relief of the blockage(s).  The Surgeon is a great surgeon.  He is looking for another surgeon and posibly two other surgeons to go after the tumors. We finaly feel like thigs are moving in a positive flow.

We will keep in touch!   Knowing we have backup is very relieving also.  Thanks Again for all of your kindness and freindship over the years!


Best Always,  mike


PS   We did not fire the Doctor.  He came in this afternoon with a lot different attitude!  He told us he will work in our favor to get the surfery moving,  That really made us feel a lot better about him.  He also told us he thinks it is the GI doctor that is in the way for me having surgery.   We also have a student Doctor that has taken interest in me.  He has been through cancer himself and that is what made him change his major from Biology to Medicine.  We had a great conversation with him this afternoon.

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If you do not get the chemo, the onc. makes no money. If the surgeon gets you to NED. the onc. makes no money. If you fire him, the onc. makes no money. Hmmm! I see a pattern here. You do not need to suffer based on this guys decisions without including you in the process. You really have to be your own advocate and get yourself where you need to be.

Good luck,


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