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increased blood urea nitrogen (BUN) in recent blood test

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In my recent blood test (three months post surgery) BUN is 25 (6 to 20 is considered normal) and creatinine is 1 ( 0.6 to 1.1 is considered normal). I took this test in the morning after almost 12 hours of fasting, I had also drank just one glass of water since the night before. six months ago(three months before the diagnosis) BUN was 16 and creatinine was 0.9. DO you think it's something I should consider about? My next appointement with the urologist is next week so I'll ask him but in the meanwhile it makes me worried.




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The most important test is Creatine and most of us with 1 kidney have numbers higher than normal. Yours is normal which is really good for 1 kidney. As for what is normal with 1 kidney for your BUN  ask your Urologisist and do not be suprised if your high number is normal as well for 1 kidney. Also important is your GFR number which is affected by kidney function and age. Ask your Urologist about that as well. With yor Creatine level (its main component) your GFR should be very good for 1 kidney.


Most of us with 1 kidney have a Creatine level over 1.5 so your number is really, really good.



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What Iceman said is dead on. 

My creatinine hovers around 1.2-1.3

Medications can have an impact as well. I 

was always told to drink a lot of water, it helps kidney function...and I always thought I did until my doctor told me at least 3 liters per day. I now use a refillable bottle and have .5 liters before breakfast, 1 before lunch,1 between lunch and dinner, and at least .5 before bed. 

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My normal creatinine is 2.1 or 2.2 and the urologist said that's probably the best I'll get so I try not to worry about it. It does mean I don't get contrast with my CT scans.

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and you're worried? Huh?

Lower is better. For sure on the creatinine and I think on the BUN as well. In any case, even by what you said, your BUN is within normal (6-20 is what you said) and your creatinine is fantastic. Even with 2 kidneys prior to cancer my creatinine was 1.2. Below 1.4 is normal. Mine is about 1.7 these days after losing a kidney.

Your numbers are good. Nothing to worry about. Something to celebrate really. If you have only one kidney, it's working really well.


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Mycreatinine is 1 and I know it's OK. But my BUN is 25, my question is about BUN as I know the number isn't normal


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If you fasted that long and drank very little, you were probably dehydrated which can significantly affect BUN and creatinine.  Always make sure you are well hydrated before having lab work.

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That is good advice. I will remember that when I go for my next scan on April 5/2015 , THANKS 

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I thought you had said it went from 25 to 16. I read it wrong.

I'd ask the doctor. I don't understand why your BUN got worse and your creatinine got better at the same time. That's kinda weird. Maybe the lab messed up? Getting it retested might not be a bad idea either.


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