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Nodule vs. pneumonia scar tissue?

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Just rcvd CT scan results 3mm nodule.  I know this is tiny, too small to biopsy.  Was told to wait 6 months and CT scan again.  MY QUESTIOS: 1) can horrible case of pneumonia leave any lung scar tissue that might look like a nodule? I had pneumonia 2007 that progressed from no symptoms to ER in < 48hrs., successfully treatted with IV antiobiotics and hydration. Never had cough. 2) Not willing to wait 6 months for a CT scan recheck, but what are diagnostice alternatives?   FYI: age 53 non smoking F, excellent health, but had CT scan for low grade chronic pain in area around L posterior rib 4/5 and CT scan diagnosed incomplete rib fracture heal in L posterior rib 9 (not sure if rib 9 fracture from bronchitis coughing or soccer injury, but rib 9 area no pain) 

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Until they do a biopsy it isn't cancer is a saying that caregivers and cancer patients say.  My husband was told over 15 years ago after chest x-ray and CT scan tht he had lung cancer and that it was bad.  Well we were scared out of our wits.  He was sent to a lung specialist who went down into his lungs and did a biopsy.  I can remember sitting in the waiting room scared to death when he came out and told me that it wasn't cancer but a horrible lung infection.  Now fast forward to 2010 when he was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer and then a year later a second primary at the cervical of his esophagus then 8 months after treatment for that the 2nd primary reocurred and we found out that there were very small nodules in his right lung that had started to grow.  They did a biopsy, even though the nodules were very small but our head and neck specialist insisted.  It took them 4 tries to get cells and yes they were cancer this time.  They did a needle biopsy and it collapsed his lung but it inflated without any problems after having a chest tube inserted.

My husband is still fighting but he refused all further treatment and is now loosing ground steadily.  He said that enough was enough and that he preferred quality over quantity.  

Get a second opinion even a third from lung specialists that deal with lung cancer to ease your mind.  

Wishing you the best

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I am agreeing with the above post.   Until they prove it to be cancer it's not.  Many of us carry noduals in our lungs that aren't anything to be concerned with.   I have around 5 that they are watching, 3 other's that are calcified and classified as not cancer.  pain in the rib area, without a specific known cause is very upsetting, and hard to live with.  I pray they find the proper dx, and things turn around for you !  Katie 

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I've had lung nodules come and go , some growing before they disappear since June 2013.   The Dr still doesn't know what they are and just keeps rescanning . His answer is possible due to infection .  The good thing is , my radiation oncologist treats lung cancer patients and Is sure it's not cancer. But i  too am scared cause it's not normal to have these things on lungs. I do have asthma and personaly think its connected somehow to that but just wish someone would give me an answer !  But as the other post said , I just keep telling myself that it's not cancer until someone does a biopsy and knows for sure. Until then , I live life to the fullest and make sure I'm doing all I can do to remain as healthy as possible.   God bless you !!  Pem

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